Term 3 Week 5

Hi Everyone,

Here’s the week ahead:

English – This week we are starting a new theme on Aliens.  We will be describing Aliens using multiple adjectives. Selecting and writing homophones for spelling and meaning. Finally we will be inventing aliens and creating fact files for them.  In Guided Reading we will be using the comprehension strategies of Skimming and Scanning, creating images and evaluation.

Mathematics – We will be continuing to learn how to read the time throughout the day, so please if your child has an analogue watch can they wear it to school?  We will also be learning Money.  We will be counting collections, spending a set amount of money and working out real life problems.

Tomorrow is Waste Free and don’t forget to walk to school on Friday!

I will also be requiring Nappy boxes if you have any, we’re going to be making a Giant Iron Man for open night.

Have a lovely evening.

Karen 🙂

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