Term 3 Week 6

Hi Everyone,

Please find the week listed below.


Instructions are the focus of this week; specially with reference to helping aliens to understand what to do on Earth should they ever come here. Initially children have to read instructions and convert them to pictures, considering carefully how the language is used. Next they must create their own set of instructions for an everyday task. The middle of the week has a discreet lesson focusing on the spelling of /shun/ words, followed by considering more complex instructions and guidance for everyday situations, which children must address through mime and gesture, finishing with written pieces for The Intergalactic Traveller’s Guide.


This week the focus is on gathering and reading Data. We will be presenting data in pictograms and analysing appropriately. The children that are wearing watches on a regular basis are really starting to read time well! Well done to them.

Finally tomorrow is Waste Free! I really want us to win this week so please no rubbish in our lunch boxes.  Raid that tupperware drawer.

Japanese Excursion forms and Fathers Day stall are due soon and don’t forget about the school disco.

See you all in the morning.

Karen 🙂


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