50 Days at Kindy

We celebrated 50 days at Kindy this week. Our day began counting to 50 loudly and quietly, followed by 50 exercises.  Hearts were pumping fast afterwards!! We talked about what the number 50 looked like and made the number 50 using lots of different materials.  Other activities throughout the day included:

  • Making the number 50 out of play-dough and squishing 50 beads into the play-dough.
  • Collaging a crown with various materials.
  • Stamping 10 dots on strips of card to attach to our crazy crowns.
  • Counting out 5 lots of 10 treats to make a bag of 50 snacks.
  • Reflecting on our learning and celebrating how we are amazing successful learner after 50 days at Kindy.
  • Setting a personal goal for something we would like to learn or focus on for the next 50 days.
  • Receiving a special certificate to take home.

Everyone had a wonderful time celebrating being 50 days smarter!


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