A Great Fall

  1. This week students worked in pairs to investigate why Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall.

Students drew Humpy’s face on a real egg, sat him on a wall they built and then observed what happened.

Humpty’s shell was removed by little fingers and then the children predicted what special shape was hidden inside before cutting the egg in half.

We shared about a time when we have “had a great fall” like Humpty Dumpty.

Other fun activities we have done throughout the week included:

  • Generating rhyming words during an egg and spoon relay.

  • Playing Spot the Dots Bingo involving the skill of subitising (identifying dots on a die at glance without counting).

  • Copying, continuing and creating our own 2-part and 3-part patterns.

  • Collaborating together to classify a collection of objects according to their shape.

  • Following steps to make toast with Stefan (Lillian’s father). Jam was the popular choice of spread for most.

  • Creating masterpieces from box construction materials. We cannot restock this area quick enough! The children love it. Please keep sending in your supplies.


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