Open Night

What an absolute joy it was to see the excitement and pride on the children’s faces as they shared their learning with family members! Thank you so much for supporting our Open Night.  There was much to celebrate.  We are all successful learners in Room 27!!

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When I Grow Up

As a way of celebrating learning about Our Community this term, we all came dressed as a community helper we might be when we grow up.  We hope you enjoy looking at Room 27’s fabulous little community helpers!

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Father’s Day at Kindy

A BIG thanks to all our awesome dads and mum who came to our special Father’s Day morning today. Some of the highlights were:

  • Creating something together using box construction materials.
  • Playing a ping-pong game.
  • Building a tower using spaghetti and marshmallows.
  • Making toast and drinking juice.
  • Giving Dad a shave.
  • Taking a crazy photo.
  • Making a paper plane and testing it outside.
  • Watching a movie.  Click on the link below to view it.

The children absolutely loved having you there!

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Groovy Glasses

The letters and sounds  of G, U, B, F, L, O were introduced this week with a focus today on G.  Please feel free to practise these letters and sounds with your children at home. Granny Sue showed us her green groovy glasses and helped us make our own pair.  We traced over a capital and lower Gg and glued the letters on a glove with Jaxon’s mum, Nicola.  Everything was green as we headed out into the Nature Playground wearing a glove and green glasses, pretending to be garbage collectors picking up rubbish.  These activities helped to reinforce the letter name and sound of Gg.

Throughout the term at Kindy,  we have been learning to hear, match and generate rhyming words. It can be a difficult concept and therefore, can take some time to grasp.  As part of our community helper theme this term, The Pet Vet was read and students were asked to have a go at generating words of their own that rhymed with words from the text.  For example, pet, pig, frog, cat, and fish.  If you are reading books at home, please listen out for rhyming words. When we are matching rhyming words, we say to the children, “What rhymes with cat? Is it cat, hat or cat, frog?” When we are generating rhyming words, we say, “Can you think of a word that rhymes with tree?” and the children might say, “Tree, bee.” They find it much easier to match rhyming words than to think of their own. When generating a rhyming word, nonsense words are acceptable if they rhyme.

Hospital Incursion

This afternoon, we had a special community helper visit from Princess Margaret Hospital.  Nurse Sherie explained why people might need to go into hospital and what happens there.  She reassured us that it is nothing to be scared about. She showed us how to listen to our heart beat with a stethoscope, check our blood pressure, find our veins and check our temperature in our ear. We made some special bracelets like the ones you get when you are in hospital, did some hospital puzzles & felt board stories, played with some puppets, role played being a doctor and had some fun using crutches and pushing our friends in the wheelchair.

There are a few photos of our incursion below and more will be on display for our Open Night.








Minibeast Adventure

Room 27 scientists are off on a minibeast adventure this term.   The adventure began week one investigating what minibeasts are. We discovered that minibeasts are living things. We classified objects as living and non-living things and created a minibeast habitat.  We showed a friend the habitat we made and talked about all the things our minibeasts could do in their new home.

Week two we learned that living things have a lifecycle. Ant nests were made displaying stages of an ant lifecycle, as well as a butterfly lifecycle using pasta. The Nature Playground was buzzing with children racing around searching for ants. Students used an i-Pad to take a photo of an ant and the entrance to its nest. After studying ants closely, each child made a model ant using play-dough and matchsticks.


Postman Bear

After listening to Postman Bear, children orally identified the beginning, middle and end of the story and drew their favourite part. Postman Bear wrote and delivered letters to his friends inviting them to his party. His friends came to his house with presents for him.

The girls and boys secretly did a lucky dip and pulled out a Kindy friend’s name. Then they had a go at writing a letter and drawing a picture for this special person. They folded the letter, placed it in an envelope, wrote their name on the front and posted it in our class post box. The next day, we role-played being a postal worker and delivered all the letters. Everyone’s buckets were filled and there was much excitement about taking a letter home to open!

50 Days at Kindy

We celebrated 50 days at Kindy this week. Our day began counting to 50 loudly and quietly, followed by 50 exercises.  Hearts were pumping fast afterwards!! We talked about what the number 50 looked like and made the number 50 using lots of different materials.  Other activities throughout the day included:

  • Making the number 50 out of play-dough and squishing 50 beads into the play-dough.
  • Collaging a crown with various materials.
  • Stamping 10 dots on strips of card to attach to our crazy crowns.
  • Counting out 5 lots of 10 treats to make a bag of 50 snacks.
  • Reflecting on our learning and celebrating how we are amazing successful learner after 50 days at Kindy.
  • Setting a personal goal for something we would like to learn or focus on for the next 50 days.
  • Receiving a special certificate to take home.

Everyone had a wonderful time celebrating being 50 days smarter!


Our Community

This term we are investigating what a community is.  One activity this week involved students making a map showing buildings in their community.  Different symbols were used to create buildings including a doctor surgery, shop and students’ school and home.  In pairs they talked about their community maps.


Putting Out Fires

Fire Chief Clark was putting her firefighters through a training session today to ensure they would be ready for a call out at any moment.  After lining up with hoses at the ready (water spray bottles), Chief Clark called out a person’s name and number.  The chosen firefighter had to subitise (recall how many at a glance) and race to put the fire with the correct number of dots out.  Following this, the competition was on to be the fastest firefighter to spray all the fires called out!  Chief Clark was impressed with the speed and skill of her little firefighter squad.  Everyone celebrated their success with the Hamburger Cheer.