Easter Bunny Visit

Today when the children arrived at Kindy there was a big mess! The Easter Bunny had left carrots and messy footprints everywhere! We even found a carrot in the toilets! Mrs Clark told us what happened to the Easter Bunny on his way to our school.  We used a picture strip to retell the events about the Easter Bunny to a friend.  When the Easter Bunny hopped in to see us this morning, we were not surprised to see the bandage on his leg.  At the end of his visit, the Easter Bunny left us clues to help us find the eggs he had hidden. We searched all around the playground reading the clues. Eventually, we ended up back in the classroom where the Easter Bunny had left us treats!

We hunted around the classroom looking for eggs and sorted them by size into hoops. Once we had found all the eggs, we counted them out so that each child got the same amount of eggs.

We had such a fabulous day! Happy Easter everyone!  See you next term.


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