Groovy Glasses

The letters and sounds  of G, U, B, F, L, O were introduced this week with a focus today on G.  Please feel free to practise these letters and sounds with your children at home. Granny Sue showed us her green groovy glasses and helped us make our own pair.  We traced over a capital and lower Gg and glued the letters on a glove with Jaxon’s mum, Nicola.  Everything was green as we headed out into the Nature Playground wearing a glove and green glasses, pretending to be garbage collectors picking up rubbish.  These activities helped to reinforce the letter name and sound of Gg.

Throughout the term at Kindy,  we have been learning to hear, match and generate rhyming words. It can be a difficult concept and therefore, can take some time to grasp.  As part of our community helper theme this term, The Pet Vet was read and students were asked to have a go at generating words of their own that rhymed with words from the text.  For example, pet, pig, frog, cat, and fish.  If you are reading books at home, please listen out for rhyming words. When we are matching rhyming words, we say to the children, “What rhymes with cat? Is it cat, hat or cat, frog?” When we are generating rhyming words, we say, “Can you think of a word that rhymes with tree?” and the children might say, “Tree, bee.” They find it much easier to match rhyming words than to think of their own. When generating a rhyming word, nonsense words are acceptable if they rhyme.

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