Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

At Kindy we have started reading a book called: Have you Filled a Bucket Today? It aligns really well with our whole school Fish Philosophy.  The story teaches children to be Bucket Fillers and not Bucket Dippers. You can fill up someone’s bucket by doing or saying something nice. Everyone carries around an invisible, magic bucket. You can’t see it but when it is full, you feel happy and when it is empty you feel sad.

As a class we sorted pictures into two buckets as to whether they were an example of being a bucket filler or a bucket dipper. We discussed ways we could fill up someone’s bucket. Some of the children’s ideas were: We could give cuddles, help pack away, play together, smile, share our toys, draw pictures for friends and say nice things to people. The more we talk about the concept and read the story, the more you will probably hear your child using the term Bucket Filler or Bucket Dipper. If anyone gets their bucket dipped into, we all talk about ways to fill their bucket up again.

We have started a new positive reward system where we have a whole class bucket. Our goal is to work together to be bucket fillers. When someone is being a bucket filler throughout the day they will get to put some marbles in the bucket. When our bucket is filled up the whole class will get to do something special like dancing, play a game, get a sticker, go outside for a game, go to the Spiderman Playground etc.  The children also have an individual bucket card which is stamped if they are spotted being a bucket filler.

Students drew their own bucket, decorated it and completed the sentence “I am a bucket filler because…”  Below are some examples of student’s buckets.

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  1. Hannah Burton
    Hannah Burton says:

    Elena has really embraced this concept, we talk about dipping and filling our buckets all day! Her little brother even has one sometimes :o)


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