Minibeast Adventure

Room 27 scientists are off on a minibeast adventure this term.   The adventure began week one investigating what minibeasts are. We discovered that minibeasts are living things. We classified objects as living and non-living things and created a minibeast habitat.  We showed a friend the habitat we made and talked about all the things our minibeasts could do in their new home.

Week two we learned that living things have a lifecycle. Ant nests were made displaying stages of an ant lifecycle, as well as a butterfly lifecycle using pasta. The Nature Playground was buzzing with children racing around searching for ants. Students used an i-Pad to take a photo of an ant and the entrance to its nest. After studying ants closely, each child made a model ant using play-dough and matchsticks.


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  1. Hannah Burton
    Hannah Burton says:

    Elena has really enjoyed learning about minibeasts so far this term. She’s been on the lookout for them at home in our garden, telling us all about ants and asking lots of questions about determining what is a living thing. (the couch was of particular interest!)

    • neridaclark
      neridaclark says:

      It is so rewarding for me Hannah to hear that the children are sharing their learning at home. Being in the Nature Playground on our Science day was such a joy this week with the children running everywhere shouting, “Mrs Clark! Mrs Clark! Come and see the ant I found!”


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