Scientists Ask Questions

Scientists like to ask lots of questions. While our little scientists were exploring the topic of Weather and Seasons, some of the following questions were asked: What makes leaves green? Why do leaves change colour?  When do leaves start to change colour?  What is weather?  What is Autumn?

After reading “We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt,” students headed into the playground to find leaves and help sort them into groups according to colour, size and shape. Students learned that scientists have discovered leaves have a secret ingredient that is only found in green leaves. So we conducted an experiment to extract this secret ingredient from leaves. The materials we required were green leaves, a clear chemical, paper towel and a blender. After everyone helped to tear up leaves, the materials were blended together and we saw the clear liquid change to a green colour! Paper towel strips were put into the green liquid and we watched the secret ingredient (chlorophyll) being absorbed by the paper towel. We also saw yellow, orange and brown colours.

Other Science day activities included:

  • Using materials from nature to create an Autumn tree collage.
  • Painting with leaves, twigs and flowers using Autumn leaf colours.
  • Making crayon leaf rubbings and playdough prints.
  • Observing an Autumn leaf in detail, drawing and then painting the leaf using thin paint brushes.
  • Singing and dancing with leaves and putting leaves in different positions.




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