Week 9 News – Healthy Recipe

News next week will require the children to write down their favourite healthy recipe and share it with the rest of the class. Please bring in your sheet to share with the class and we will then laminate all children’s recipes and turn them into a class recipe book. We look forward to finding out what everyones favourite healthy meal will be. In class next week, we will be learning about healthy and unhealthy foods.


Have a great weekend and see you next week.


Heather 🙂

Week 7 News – Mystery Item – Senses

Hi everyone.

Just a reminder that for our news next week I would like the children to bring in their mystery item in a plastic bag. I modelled this for the children on Friday with a lemon. They will then stand up and describe their item to the class and the rest of the class will try to guess what their mystery item is by their clues. This is part of our science topic this term and will link with our senses lesson this week. Some of the children missed telling their news on Friday last week and on Monday this week so we will catch up and have a news afternoon on Tuesday. I hope you’re enjoying the long weekend. Thank you so much for your continued support this term.

Heather 🙂

News – Week 6

Hi everyone.

Just a reminder that for our news next week I would like the children to bring in a baby photo of themselves. It  would be wonderful if mum or dad could share a story about your child’s childhood with them, so that they can share it with the rest of the class. This is part of our history topic this term. Thank you so much for your continued support this term.


Heather 🙂

Home Learning update

News time in Room 28

News telling will commence in week 3. This will support the children’s oral language skills. On the second page is a timetable of when each child will be presenting their news. Their day will stay the same throughout the term each week. Next weeks theme is all about the children’s favourite things to do with their Mums. We will be asking the children to tell the class about 3 of these favourite things and explain why. Thank you for your ongoing support with this.


Heather 🙂

Term Two news 2017

Home Reading

Hi Parents,

As mentioned previously, our home reading program will be commencing in week 4. In preparation for this, we would like to provide you with some information on how we structure our home reading program at Aubin Grove Primary. We would like to provide this information in two ways, to support all families being able to fully engage with our home reading program. The first option is to attend our Home Reading Information Session which will be hosted by our Early Childhood Deputy, Jaylene Fritchley at 9:45 on Friday the 12th May in the undercover area(following out Mothers Day Morning which finishes at 9:30).

If you have an iphone or an iPad, you are welcome to access our online reading course. This course provides detailed instructions on what to expect each night of home reading and provides videos and resources to support you to engage in this program with your child. To enrol in this course, simply go to the itunes U app on your device then add the course and enter the enrolment code. If you have further questions on this, Jaylene will be available on the Friday following our Mother’s Day activities in the under cover area.


The enrolment code is KHV-KVZ-ZD5​

Below is a link to a file that you can download which explains how to download this iTunes u course.

itunes U course support

Thank you in advance.