Kindy and Pre-primary Carnival 2017

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100 Days of School Dress Up on Tuesday the 25th July (Week 2)

Hi everyone.

Next term, we will be celebrating 100 days of school on Tuesday 25th July. This is to celebrate our time learning together at school. On this day, we would like all students to come to school dressed up as their 100 year old self.

Ideas for dressing up as a 100 year old includes:

– talcum powder in their hair to make it grey

– walking stick

– pretend glasses

– hair in a bun

– dressing gown

– old clothes

– broaches

– walking frame

– bow ties for the boys

– beards/moustaches

– pearl necklaces

– curlers in their hair

– wigs

Please don’t feel like you need to buy new costumes for the day. We are more than happy for you to be creative with items you already have at home.

Please ensure your child wears appropriate footwear on the day as the students will still be playing outside for recess and lunch. If you have any questions please ask your classroom teacher. Happy dressing up everyone!

Thanks you for your support.

Pre-primary teachers

Week 9 News – Healthy Recipe

News next week will require the children to write down their favourite healthy recipe and share it with the rest of the class. Please bring in your sheet to share with the class and we will then laminate all children’s recipes and turn them into a class recipe book. We look forward to finding out what everyones favourite healthy meal will be. In class next week, we will be learning about healthy and unhealthy foods.


Have a great weekend and see you next week.


Heather 🙂

Pyjama Day – Wednesday 21st June 2017

Hi everyone

On Wednesday 21st June 2017 we are going to celebrate the Winter Solstice by wearing our pyjamas to school. Winter Solstice is the shortest day and longest night of the year and occurs on the 21st of June. Apologies for the previous post. The date has been updated to this coming Wednesday.

On this day, we will also be having an “Hour without power,” to remind students of the importance of power and how it impacts our lives.

To celebrate this day we ask that students:

  1. Wear their pyjamas (if they would like to participate)
  2.  Wear school shoes.
  3. Tie up their hair if shoulder length or longer.
  4. Still wear their hat as normal at recess and lunch.
  5. Wear clothing that covers their shoulders and be no shorter in length than the school uniform.

We look forward to seeing lots of cosy pyjamas on Wednesday