Good afternoon,

It has been another wonderful week in Room 28.

In maths, the children have been learning to measure. They have been measuring using non standard units around our environment, such as blocks, paperclips, crayons, textas and whiteboard pens. The children have been measuring items around the classroom and outside in the nature playground. They have been learning to always measure from the baseline and to never overlap with the materials we are using to measure. They have also been ordering objects from shortest to tallest and using language to explain why they have been ordered in this way.

In literacy, the children have been reading ‘The Bad Tempered Ladybird’. The children have been learning about their emotions and talking and writing about times when they feel grouchy. They have also enjoyed using role play to retell the story using stick puppets.

This week the children loved visiting the garden to plant some carrot seeds and to pick a cauliflower and taste it. It was very pleasing to see that most children had a try. The children said that it tasted very crunchy and delicious. We hope you enjoy looking at our learning journey this week.