Good evening,

We have had a fabulous first week back at school. The children have come back to school with lots of energy and enthusiasm to learn and continue to blow me away with their amazing progress in all aspects of their learning.

Term 4 Updates

Home Reading Volunteer

At present, Sheelena (Isabelle’s Mum) is changing our home reading books on a Monday morning. She is happy to continue doing this but if anyone else would like to volunteer, please let me know! Thank you so much Sheelena. We have really appreciated your support with this so far this year. 🙂

News will commence in week 3. Each child will be required to participate just once this term. We have 2 class teddies that will be coming home with the children for 2 nights. In this time, we ask that the children write a diary entry of what they got up to with the class teddy. We will be naming our furry friends next week and I will give you an example to support the diary writing. We also ask if you can take a photograph and attach that to the diary entry. I am happy for you to email these to me if that is easier. I will update a timetable of dates when each child will have the class teddy. If you have any questions, please see me about this.

Thank you again for your increased support with reading, sight words and news this year. We will continue with our home reading and sight words practise this term. Please continue to bring in your booklets each week so I can test your child and give them new sight words to practise.

In Literacy this term, we are learning about different Fairy tales. This is an introduction to narrative writing. We will be reading Chicken Licken, 3 Little Pigs, Jack and The Beanstalk, 3 Billy goats Gruff, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and Little Red Riding Hood. We are continuing to focus on reading and writing simple sentences, reading and writing sight words, retelling key events from a story, answering questions about a text and making connections to stories we read. We are also going to focus on handwriting this term. We will begin a new handwriting booklet next week.

In Maths this term, we are continuing to learn about adding 2 numbers together and mental strategies, such as counting backwards and forwards from any starting point, numbers that come before and after numbers to 20, counting on and rainbow facts to 10.

We are learning about sharing, partitioning, capacity and location and transformation.

In HASS this term, we are learning about different traditions and celebrations around the world.

In science this term, we are completing a unit called ‘on the move’. We will be investigating the way things move and what enables them to.

Sports Carnival

Sports carnival is on Wednesday the 25th of October. It will only be for the first half of the day. You are welcome to take your child home with you afterwards but could you please insure you sign them out with me at the classroom first. Parents and family welcome.

Scholastic Book Club magazines have been placed in each of the students take home boxes. If you would like to order anything, please have these back by the 27th of October.

Parent help roster will be up next week. Please sign up if you would like to help us out this term.

Sandie and I look forward to a fabulous last term together with your children and look forward to seeing the continued progress from all the children in Room 28.

Thank you to all parents and families for your continued support. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sunshine.

Heather 🙂