Home Reading Program

Hi Parents,

As mentioned previously, our home reading program will be commencing in week 4. In preparation for this, we would like to provide you with some information on how we structure our home reading program at Aubin Grove Primary. We would like to provide this information in two ways, to support all families being able to fully engage with our home reading program. The first option is to attend our Home Reading Information Session which will be hosted by our Early Childhood Deputy, Jaylene Fritchley at 9:45 on Friday the 12th May in the undercover area(following out Mothers Day Morning which finishes at 9:30).

If you have an iphone or an iPad, you are welcome to access our online reading course. This course provides detailed instructions on what to expect each night of home reading and provides videos and resources to support you to engage in this program with your child. To enroll in this course, simply go to the itunes U app on your device then add the course and enter the enrollment code. If you have further questions on this, Jaylene will be available on the Friday following our Mother’s Day activities in the under cover area.


The enrollment code isKHV-KVZ-ZD5​

We would also love a volunteer/s to assist us in changing over the home readers for students. This will involve marking off student books and selecting a new one at the allocated colour, then recording this information in our borrowing book. I would estimate that it is a 20 minute process and we would love your assistance either on a Friday morning or afternoon (before the end of school) at your convenience. If we could get 2 volunteers to change the books at the same time, then the process will be a lot quicker. Without this help, we will not be able to run this program. Thank you.
If you are able to help us out with this, could you please let me know. This role would be commencing when the books are returned at the end of week 4.
Many thanks,

Letter/Sound Mastery Booklets

By now each child would have received an Alphabet Mastery Booklet. There has been some confusion as to how this all works so here is a detailed explanation on what to do:

  • Each day, your child has to practice recognising and saying each letter and the sound that it makes for each flower. If your child instantly recognises the letter and sound then you can tick one pettle or your child can colour a pettle. Repeat this process over 6 days and return the folder no less than once a week.
  • If your child knows each letter and sound instantly within the first day of receiving a new set of letters then I am happy to place a new page in their booklets the next day. Some students know certain groups of letters better than other groups.
  • If your child has difficulty with one or some of the letters to begin with then please don’t return the booklet until all sounds/letters are mastered and keep practising that page for at least 6 days once they have mastered the letters.
  • It is really important not to rush through the pages as reinforcement and repetition is very important to help your child to be able to permanently retain the letter/sound knowledge.
  • Extension Activity: For students completing the extension activity. I don’t mind if you complete the activities sooner and return the booklet sooner then once a week. This is up to you.
  • Once all students have completed their entire booklet and confidently know all their letters and sounds, then I will give them their “Sight Word Mastery Booklets”

Have fun helping your child to learn!