Quick Reminder about Sports Carnival

Hi Parents,

Please come no later than 8.25am tomorrow. I will open the doors at 8.20am. It will be a ‘Kiss n Drop’ so that we can get the students ready quickly and easily. We will be marching down to the oval at 8.40am. If you are late, you will need to bring your child to the basketball courts or come and find us at the tabloid games.

Hairspray is fine but do this at home.

I will be taking the whole class back to our room after the carnival. If you are taking your child home you will need to get them from our classroom.

Please ensure that your child comes into class with their hat on, bottle in hand and sunscreen already applied.

See you tomorrow!!





Cubby Incursion

Handwriting Morning Booklets

Hi Parents,

This term we are reinforcing correct letter formations. Many children are still reversing many letters and the errors are coming from similar ‘letter families’. As a PP team we have devised a handwriting program that works in conjunction with the morning booklets and targets groups of letters together that are formed going in the same direction. You will notice that each ‘letter family’ group is worked on at a time.

Tomorrow morning, the children will begin their new handwriting booklets . They will be put out most mornings before school begins. Each letter group begins with a page that has basic pre-writing patterns to trace and then the next pages involve letter writing and tracing of each letter in that group. I would like the children to work through one ‘letter family’ group by the end of each week so that on Fridays when we do our formal handwriting lesson, the children would have already practised each letter.

It will be a very valuable opportunity for the children to develop their handwriting skills each morning and to prepare them for Year 1 writing! It would be great if you could bring your child as close to 8.25am as possible so they they don’t miss out on this practice. For those parents that can’t make it until the bell goes, I am more than happy to send their books home if that makes life a bit easier in the mornings .

On another note, we would love some more volunteers for the rosters which are located inside to the left on the window.

Thank you for your continued support.




Are You Ok Day?

Welcome to Term 4!

Hi Everyone, I hope you have had a wonderful holiday with your family (if you had one that is). Below is some information about what skills and knowledge we are covering in Term 4

English: (Our ‘Big Book’ theme this term will be on fairy tales) We will be reading traditional tales such as  Goldilocks and the Three bears, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Bean Stalk, Three Billy Goats Gruff and The Gingerbread Man).

Phonics and Phonological Awareness

  • Words that contain digraphs such as ‘ch’, ‘th’, ‘sh’, double consonants such as  ‘ss’, ‘ff’, ‘ll’, ‘zz’ and double vowels such as ‘oo’ and ‘ee’
  • Manipulating sounds in words: Revising and extending upon deletion and sound substitution (eg. black without the ‘l’ is back) (eg. glum with a ‘r’ instead of a ‘l’ is grum)

Guided reading strategies:

  • Re reading to check for meaning and structure (Does the word make sense in the sentence?. Does it sound right?). Many children will read a word incorrectly and then keep going. Encouraging them to re-read the sentence will help them to self correct their errors.
  • Chunking larger words into syllables in order to break down the word into smaller parts to then decode.
  • Using visual clues and combining them with picture clues (eg. The word starts with ‘d’ and the boy is going down the slide so the word might be ‘down’. Then combining this with meaning and structure clues to ensure that the word sounds right and makes sense in the sentence.
  • Reading with expression and ‘fast and smooth’ (varying tone and volume and paying attention to punctuation). Some children are skipping over full stops without taking a breath.
  • Retelling events in stories
  • Answering inferential questions about the text


  • Recounts: Really focusing on including ‘when’, ‘who’, ‘where’, ‘why’ ‘what’ and feelings’. Expanding on sentences by adding more detail. Some children are ready to write compound sentences (2 ideas in one sentence separated with conjunctions such as ‘and, ‘but’, ‘or’). Ensuring however, that we don’t overuse the  word ‘and ‘ and forget to finish and begin new sentences.
  • Remembering, clear finger spaces, correct spelling of sight words, capitals and full stops in the right places.
  • Making sure that we don’t leave out important words which help the sentence to make sense. Some children have many ideas in their minds but when they write them down, the sentence doesn’t make sense because key words are left out. We are encouraging them to verbally say their sentence slowly in their heads before writing their idea down.
  • Editing our own work to ensure the above  ‘Success Criteria’ is met.


  • This term we really want to kick those reversals out the window (as I like to say to the chn)!!! We will be strategically going through different letter groups that use the same directions. For example, letters such as ‘c, a, d, q, g, o, s, all start going to the left and around.  This terms morning booklets will be hand writing booklets and will begin in week 2. Formal hand writing lessons will be on Fridays.

Topic Time: (Speaking and Listening)

  • I’m sure the children will be very happy to know that I am allowing free choice news all term!! They can either bring something for ‘show and tell’ or bring a mystery item in a bag/box with some prepared clues to give the class or they can tell us a recount of something interesting they have done. The news roster will remain the same so your child will still be on the same day.


For the last few weeks of term 3 we were exploring addition and the multiple strategies to use in order to work out addition problems. We will continue to revise and extend upon the following strategies:

  1. Using concrete materials to add two amounts
  2. Mental strategies: Retaining rainbow facts- number combinations to 10 and for some children to 20.
  3. Using number lines
  4. Counting on eg. 4 + 4 (start from 4 and count on 4 times)
  5. Using fingers for small sums (It is important to only use this strategy for small sums because we only have 10 fingers!)
  6. Using 10’s and 20’s frames
  7. Always adding the smaller number (eg 4+ 8) would become (8+4)
  8. Using think boards to solve number stories
  9. Solving number stories by showing working out with drawings
  • Sharing (eg. share 9 choc chips amongst 3 cookies) and learning that it isn’t always possible to have a ‘fair share’.
  • Capacity and weight
  • Location and transformation
  • number writing with correct formation and direction
  • Counting to and from higher numbers
  • Instantly identifying numbers that come before or after higher numbers


This term our science theme is “On the Move” We will be exploring lots of different objects and how they move?

Remember our Sports Carnival  is on the 25th of October in the morning. More details to follow.







Kiss ‘n’ Drop from Wednesday (13th Sep)- a few dates to remember-Progress Folders.

Hi Parents,

We have begun to display some of our work for Open Night. We can’t wait to show it to you all but we would like it to be a surprise! We will therefore be having a ‘kiss ‘n’ drop’ from tomorrow until Next Thursday morning after Open Night.

Book Week Parade: Friday (week 10) 22nd of September. All are welcome to attend this event which will happen first thing in the morning.

K-PP Sports Carnival – 25th of October.

Next Thursday after Open Night we will be handing out the Progress Folders once again so that you can see all the wonderful progress the children have made with their literacy and numeracy skills primarily. I am absolutely amazed with their progress and I’m sure you will be too! Sherry and I are so proud of every students achievements. If at all possible, I would like the Progress Folders to be returned the next day on the last day of school term. This is so that I can use the assessments to help me plan for individual students needs for next term and to help me make a start on report writing in the holidays. I understand if this is not possible but if you can that would be really appreciated.

I will be putting all the rosters for next term up tomorrow. I will stick them to the other side of the easel outside because of ‘Kiss ‘n’ Drop’. They will then be inside the class on the window to the left.

Thank you


Outdoor Play Day

Kindy and Pre-primary Spports Carnival

Hi Parents,

Below if a flyer regarding our up and coming Sports Carnival next term. Have a great weekend!


Father’s Day Photo Booth

Fathers Day Fun!