New Sight Word Hand Writing Booklets/Home Readers

Hi Parents,

In the mornings before school ( starting tomorrow) the children will be practicing their handwriting skills using a ‘Sight Word Handwriting Booklet’. We will put these out 3 times a week in the mornings before the bell. Your child is to complete 1 column of words per day not the whole page as 1 page only needs to be completed per week. The words are written on dotted thirds and our aim is to improve the children’s letter formations and to get them used to writing on dotted thirds. All children will work through the same sight words as the focus is on hand writing not just sight word recognition. Please if at all possible, be at school at 8.25am so that your child has time to complete this activity with you. When helping your child, please make sure they are starting their letters at the top and following the correct direction and finishing at the bottom.  Many children begin writing their letters at the bottom which results in incorrectly formed letters.

Once the children have finished their Hand Writing practice, they can read their guided reading book to you and go through their sight words on our display board if time.

On Friday, your child would have come home with their first home reader! They were all very excited to receive one and are really enjoying learning  to read at school. Please remember that your child will have a book that is about 2 levels below their instructional reading level. I was not able to put the Home Reading pamphlet in their packs for this week but will place these inside their packs next Friday. Please record their book title in the reading log at the back of the pamphlet. You will notice the complexity of their books will increase as they go up reading levels in the class.

Tomorrow, I will be at school but will not be teaching. Mrs Julia Mallot will be taking the class.

I apologise for not posting a lot about our weekly learning at the moment. I have been extremely busy writing reports but will soon get back into posting weekly/fortnightly updates.

Thank you for your continued support.

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