Yesterday we had an excellent presentation from Constable Care about “Protective Behaviours”. The children watched a very funny puppet show which taught them some very important things about keeping them selves safe. They learnt about the difference between a ‘good scary’ feeling (like going on a big slide or climbing a climbing frame) and a ‘bad scary’ feeling (when someone does something to you that makes you feel very scared and uncomfortable and your body tells you that it isn’t right at all.) They then talked about good secrets to keep ( such as a surprise birthday for someone where more than one person knows about the secret and the person that you are keeping the secret from will find out soon) and bad secrets to keep (when someone asks you to keep a secret that is just between them and not to ever tell anyone). They learnt that it is absolutely ok to tell anyone they can trust when someone has done something to make them feel uncomfortable or scared in a bad way even if that person tells them to keep it a secret. They learnt that they can tell people such as their parents, grandparents, close family friends or teachers. It was an extremely valuable message for the children to hear and it was presented in such a child friendly and age appropriate manner.

Today we had a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny! He set up a ping pong ball hunt in the playground and then when we went back inside there we lots of real eggs to find hidden in the room. We has a really exciting day and I’m sure the children will sleep well tonight!

Enjoy the photos of our week and have a wonderful holiday!!