This week, the students have really shown that they are settled into the routines of our Pre-primary program. They have done well to adjust to full time school and are becoming more independent every day.

What is very pleasing to see is the improvement the students have already made in their sounding out skills when writing. It is wonderful to see their confidence growing as they become aware of ” how this writing thing works?”.  Many children are working really hard to hear the first, medial and final sounds in words. When helping children learn to write at this stage, it is really important to not just spell the words out for them. I keep explaining to them that I don’t expect a perfectly spelled out word but I do want to see that they are hearing some sounds and having a go at writing them.

During a modeled writing session on the mat, the children enjoyed correcting a sentence that I had written with all sorts of errors. Once we had corrected all of my silly mistakes, they had a go at copying the sentence from the board. This weeks photos show some of their very chuffed faces showing off their lovely writing!

In Numeracy, we have been working really hard to write our numbers with no reversals. We are also paying careful attention to make sure we finish our number along the bottom of the line.

We also played a game on the smart board where the students had to write the number that comes ‘before’ and ‘after’ a certain number. Most children are able to quickly identify what number comes ‘after’ but are still having difficulty with the concept of “What comes before?”. It is an important skill to be able to instantly identify numbers that come before and after. We have also been practising how to count backwards from different starting points. Most children can count backwards from 10 easily but when it comes to counting backwards from other numbers such as, “16”, it starts to get really tricky.

We also had a second go at our “Whole Class Maths Challenge”. Once a week, the students are given 10 minutes to complete as many mental maths questions as they can. They really seem to enjoy this challenge and most children have already beaten their score from the previous week!

Enjoy the photos!