This week, we began guided reading. It was lovely to see the excitement and eagerness from the children as they began to learn how to read. Some children were working on pointing to each word as I read the text and moving from left to right with their eyes and pointer finger. We talked about the front cover and the title and how these give us a clue as to what the story will be about. We found capital letters, full stops, letters, explanation marks and Gold sight words. Other children worked on decoding unfamiliar words and using picture cues to help them when they were unable to sound out the word. Once we had read the story once and worked out all the tricky words, we took it in turns to read as smoothly as we could so that we didn’t sound like a robot. We all had a go at making tricky words out of our magnetic letters. After reading our book, some of us played a game called, “Show Down”. We had to write CVC (3 letter) and (CVCC) words on mini whiteboards and then show our friends what we had written when I called out, “Show down”. This game helped us to practice our sounding out skills as we pulled apart the word and listened for the ‘first, middle and final sound each word.

Enjoy some photos of this weeks learning!