It has been a very productive and busy week, finishing off with a wonderful “Harmony Day” celebration eating delicious foods from all around the world! Thank you all for your food contributions and for happily supporting such a great reason to celebrate!

In Numeracy this week we really focussed on the following skills:

  • Subitising (Instantly recognising groups of objects both in random patterns and dice patterns): We practiced drawing certain amounts in different ways and realised that there are many different ways to represent one amount (see photos). To help us quickly recognise larger groups of objects (eg, 7, 8, 9, 10), we learned to use the strategy of grouping and counting on. For example, for 8 dots, we quickly recognised 5 dots and then counted on (6, 7 , 8,) to see how many there were altogether. Some students thought past this and were able to use addition to help them. For example, they saw a card with 10 dots, quickly recognised a group of 5 and another group of 5 and then added 5 and 5 together to identify the total amount without having to do any counting! We certainly have some super thinkers!
  • Writing numbers with correct formation: We played a game called, “Show Down”. I called out a number and the students had to write down the number correctly without any reversals. They really love this game and can’t wait for me to call ‘show down’ so that they can show off their beautiful writing to everyone!

In Literacy we have continued to focus on:

  • Hearing initial, medial and final sounds in words
  • Writing and sounding out CVC words (and CCVC words for some)
  • Writing a simple sentence
  • Instantly recognising gold sight words and beyond for some students

Today we explored the health concept of germs. We played a game where one student had some glitter sprinkled onto her hands. She then had to go around the circle and shake all her friends hands. The glitter passed onto most of the other students hands and we realised that this is what germs do! This helped to illustrate the importance of washing our hands. Ask your child to explain what they learned about Germs and when we should wash our hands!

Harmony Week: We had such a wonderful time talking about all the different cultures and countries that we all come from. We have a very multicultural classroom and it has been a wonderful opportunity for the children to learn about cultural diversity in our world. They really enjoyed trying all the wonderful food also!

Enjoy all the photos of our week!