Hi Parents,

This week, we have really shown some big improvements with our sentence writing, our reading and our Mental Maths.

In reading, we are working on reading our text “fast and smooth” (fluently with expression). Some of us are still trying hard to point to each word as we read. Others are really having a good go at sounding out tricky words and spotting our gold sight words. Some students are using picture cues to help us decode unfamiliar words along with looking at the initial sound/letter that the word begins with.

I have been amazed at how well the students are sounding out their words in their writing. They are also beginning to master the “spaces between words” and the use of capitals and full stops in the correct spots. Most children do tend to rely heavily on writing capital letters in the middle of their words because they are easier to write. However, we are encouraging them to only use capitals at the beginning of the sentence or at the start of a name.

The children are doing well at beating their previous week’s score in our Mental Maths Challenge. If they come home with a certificate, it means they have met their next goal! The certificates are given out when the children achieve 25 sums correct and then again for 50, 75 and 100 sums correct. They complete the same test each week and their aim is to become quicker and more accurate each time.

Enjoy some photos of week 6 !

We have also enjoyed playing in our new home corner which is a ‘construction zone’. The students have been drawing plans, working with pretend tools and making lots of interesting creations out of blocks and junk materials.