Over the last 2 weeks we have been very busy learning lots of new concepts. Below is a brief outline of the skills, concepts and content we have been covering in our core learning areas:


  • Writing numbers up to and past 100
  • Writing numbers with correct formation and no reversals
  • Counting forwards and backwards from different starting points (now progressing to much higher numbers)
  • Measurement (weight):  Comparing objects of different weights through hefting, ordering from lightest to heaviest and using a balance scale.


  • Sequencing and retelling events in stories with good detail.
  • Answering higher order inferential questions.
  • Reading texts with fluency and expression.
  • Reading and writing red sight words.
  • Writing simple sentences with capitals, spaces, full stops, sight words and sounding out our words.
  • Recounts- Starting to think about including more information in our weekend writing such as ‘who’, ‘where’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘why’, ‘feelings’?
  • Some students are being encouraged to use recount sentence starters such as  ‘First’, ‘Then’, ‘After’, ‘Next’, if they are starting to write multiple sentences with more detail about their weekend. Some students are trying very hard to write lots words but are over using the word ‘and’ and need to work on shortening their sentences and using the above language to begin new sentences.
  • Deleting initial sounds and second sounds in a blend from words and writing what the new word would say (eg.  “plan” without the ‘l’ is ‘pan’)
  • Creating new words by substituting the first sound with another sound (eg. ‘jump’ with a ‘l’ instead of the ‘j’ is ‘lump’).
  • Topic Time: Speaking with a clear and projected voice, elaborating on detail and speaking in well structured oral sentences.


  • Investigating what our bodies need to stay alive?
  • Investigating what happens to our bodies when we exercise?
  • Investigating why our bodies sweat and what sweat is?
  • Investigating why we need to drink water after we exercise?


  • Discussing different family structures and identifying the differences and similarities between families of different structures.
  • Identifying and remembering events in our past.
  • Learning about different types of celebrations that families enjoy celebrating.
  • Identifying the differences in what we could and couldn’t do at the ages of a baby and toddler as well as what we can/can’t do now in Pre primary and what we will be able to do as an adult in the future.


  • How to be a good friend.
  • How to behave appropriately and to solve conflicts positively.
  • How to deal with our emotions when we feel angry in appropriate ways.

I have included lots of photos of the last couple of weeks. The children were especially proud of their dictation sentence writing on on Thursday and they all wanted me to show you their amazing writing and how they all included the success criteria that needs to be met in order to write a simple sentence correctly! We are super proud of how far the children are progressing! It’s amazing!! Enjoy the photos!