Last Day of School- Game!

Please bring in a game to play on the last day of school!

Week 10- Our last week together!

I can’t believe we only have 4 more days together. It has been such a wonderful year and I am going to miss everyone in Room 3. I look forward to seeing them around the school next year!

Monday 11th December  (Week 10)– Transition Day

Tuesday 12th December (Week 10)- End of Year concert and our class party.

Class Party: Don’t forget to bring your plate. See you at 12 if you are bringing in hot food.

End of Year concert:

Our End of Year concert is tomorrow night at 5.30pm. All children will need to be in class by 5pm. Don’t forget our dress code is colourful ‘Dress in your favourite colour.’ On the night Room 3 will be located on the steps on the oval. At the end of the Pre-primary performance we will move our class up the stairs and through the gate on the far right (facing the stage area) to the space between LC3/LC4 and the library. Please do not follow us through the gate instead wait for the announcement to pick up students. I will have a checklist to check off students as they are picked up so can you please see me before taking your child. After that, we hope you enjoy watching the rest of our concert.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Wednesday 13th December (Week 10)- Reports come home

Thursday 14th December (Week 10)- Last day of Pre-primary!

Please let me know this week if your child will not be here on the last day of school.

I look forward to our last week together.

Thank you,


Home Readers- must be returned this week.

Home Reading Books – all books must be returned next week as the book trolley also needs to be returned by the end of next week. A massive big thank you to all the parent helpers who have changed the home reading books each week. Thank you!

End of year Class Party

We will put the following list out this Monday on our communication board. Please have a look at what you might like to bring in for our class party. 

We are having our class party on Tuesday 12th December and we would love for you to bring a plate of food for the children to share. Please write your child’s name next to an item below.

If you have selected hot food, we ask if you could bring it in at 12pm heated ready to serve. Thank you!

Item Name of Child Item Name of Child
Little red sausages   Crackers, dip, cheese, veggies  
Little red sausages   Sandwiches  
Sausage Rolls   Fairy Bread  
Sausage Rolls   Fairy Bread  
Party Pies   Mini Cupcakes (15)  
Party Pies   Mini Cupcakes (15)  
1x Pizza (cut into slices)   Fruit Kebabs


1x Pizza (cut into slices)   2 x packets of chips  
Chicken Nuggets   Jelly Cups (15)  
Chicken Nuggets   Jelly Cups (15)  
Pikelets   Juice Boxes (12)  
Christmas crackers (15)   Juice Boxes (12)  
Christmas crackers (15)   Juice Boxes (12)  
2 x Tomato sauce    

Set of plates, spoons and napkins

Icy Poles (frozen- 30)  


END OF YEAR CONCERT- 12th December (Week 10)


Dear Parents/Caregivers,

The End of Year Concert is fast approaching and students have been singing and dancing up a storm so that they can put on a fantastic show. This year the concert will be held on 12th December and is themed I Feel Good. The concert will commence at 5.30pm and students should be in their classrooms by 5pm. All Pre-primary students will be performing “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang.

To make the performance extra special we would like the Pre-primary students to dress in their favourite colour.

For example:

Girls – pink skirt, pink shirt, pink socks and pink hair accessories.

Boys – Red shorts with a red shirt and red socks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me or your child’s teacher.

Thank you,

Ash Verbickis

Junior Music Teacher

Term Four Important Dates!

Library Books- All books must be returned to the library on Tuesday. This week was the last week for borrowing books from the library. No more borrowing for the remainder of the year.


Monday 11th December  (Week 10)– Transition Day

Tuesday 12th December (Week 10)- Christmas concert and our class party. The Christmas concert will start at 5.30pm and we will be putting up a list in Week 8 for you to bring in something for our class party.

Wednesday 13th December (Week 10)- Reports come home

Thursday 14th December (Week 10)- Last day of Pre-primary!

Salvation Army Christmas Appeal!

It is already that time of year again, where we have partnered up with The Salvation Army Christmas Appeal. We have a box in our classroom where you can bring in non-perishable food items and groceries to give to those who are doing it tough in our community.

Examples of food we are looking for include: tinned fruit or veg, tinned spaghetti or baked beans, treats, beverages such as long-life milk, coffee, tea, milo etc, cereals and carbohydrates including rice, pasta, rice sauces and even some Christmas extras including bonbons, candy stockings or puddings.

The boxes will be picked up on the 12th December, so we have a couple of weeks to fill them up. Your donations would be greatly appreciated!

Week Six Cooking!

English activities this semester.

Maths activities- Sharing!