Learning update- Week 7

We have been so busy this term and I can’t believe it is week 7 already! We have covered lots of new concepts in the last couple of weeks and I would like to share all the wonderful things we have been learning about!


We have been learning about measurement. We have been focusing on length and height and using words associated with these concepts such as longer, taller and shorter. This week we will begin learning about weight and will be comparing and ordering different items by hefting and using scales.


We are always focusing on many concepts during Literacy but some key concepts we have been working towards include;

  • Sequencing and retelling our Eric Carle books and wow I have been so impressed with the level of detail the children have been including. They really enjoy acting out stories and presenting them to the class.
  • Reading and writing our sight words
  • Sounding out our words and including finger spaces when writing
  • Blending and segmenting words orally as well as more tricky phonological awareness skills such as manipulation and deletion of letters in words.
  • Different reading skills during guided reading
  • Writing CVC and CCVC words


We have been learning about what pets and humans need to stay alive. We have a pretend pet in our class called Pepe. The children named it after my dog. We have been exploring what happens to our body when we eat and exercise and how this helps our body to stay alive. This week will be talking about what sweat is, why our bodies sweat and why we need to drink water after we exercise.


We have been discussing different family structures and identifying the differences and similarities between families. We have also been identifying and remembering events from our past and discussing how stories can be passed down from generation to generation.

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