I am so pleased the blog is now up and running. Thank you everyone who has subscribed and I hope you enjoy following your child’s learning journey. From now on, I will provide you with fortnightly updates on our learning. Throughout this term the children have been revising and learning a number of key concepts in a fun, hands on and engaging way. The children voted on what they would like to have in our oral language corner, we love to incorporate the children’s interests and input into our classroom, as you would have seen we have a hair dressers. The children have been engaging in dramatic play and I have throughly enjoyed watching the children using their imagination and creativity when playing in the salon. We visited our vegetable garden and we are so excited about garden club starting next term. Suitcase news has been a huge success and the children have loved telling and sharing their special things with the class. I have uploaded lots of pictures of our learning activities and you will see below some of the key concepts that have been taught in room 3 so far!


  • Word Awareness
  • Name Writing
  • Syllables
  • Rhyme
  • Alphabet letters and Sounds
  • PA skills
  • Writing formations
  • Sight words- recognise and write
  • Writing from left to right
  • Correct pencil grip and posture when writing
  • Listening carefully to hear sounds and have a go at writing
  • Guided reading
  • Read with one to one match between spoken and written words
  • Recount writing


  • 2D shapes
  • Oral counting
  • Recognising numbers
  • Sequencing numbers
  • Numbers that come before and after a given number
  • Writing numbers
  • Counting collections (The arrangement of objects doesn’t affect how many there are and the last number counted answers the how many question)
  • Creating and ordering collections
  • Indicate which has more and which has less
  • Subitising (which requires students to instantly recognise up to 6 dots in dice and random formations)

In weeks 9 & 10 we are learning about patterning in Mathematics and I can’t wait to show you all the fun activities we will be completing. We also start Easter activities and will be reading special Easter books and having an Easter hunt. Stay tuned for more updates!