Oral Language Corner

In room 3, we like to incorporate the children’s interests in the class by finding out what they would like in the oral language corner. For the next few weeks, the children have decided that they would like to have a vet. Together we brainstormed the children’s ideas about what we should have in our vet. They came up with some wonderful ideas and I have been busy creating this wonderful play space for the children. This play space will help:

➢ Develop verbal and body language skills
➢ Strengthen fine motor skills
➢ Provide opportunities to play out experiences
➢ Promote social skills such as cooperation and sharing
➢ Provide an outlet for emotions
➢ Encourage fantasy and dramatic play
➢ Provide opportunities for building self esteem
➢ Promote problem solving
➢ Extend creativity and imagination

I am so excited to see how the children engage with this oral language corner.

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