Term 3 update and reminders!

We have had a wonderful start to term 3 and are looking forward to a busy term ahead. This term we are learning about Australia and our English program will be based on Australian books. We are very excited about our Zoo excursion in Week Four! We will be going on an Australian bush walk, which will compliment the things we have been learning about in class.

In Week One, we completed lots of learning activities focussed around our 100 days of school celebration. We did lots of counting to 100, made crowns and ties and completed creative writing about what we think we would be like when we are 100 years old.

Week Two:
On Tuesday, we had our 100th day of school celebration. The students looked incredible dressed up in their 100 years old outfits. Thank you so much to all the parents for all your effort organising the costumes. They just looked amazing. On our 100th day of school we had a parade in the Nature playground to celebrate the fact we are 100 days smarter and we reflected back on how much we have all learnt over the past 100 days of school.

On Thursday, we had a Possum Magic party. We had been reading the book Possum Magic by Mem Fox in class. In the book Grandma Poss and Hush travel around Australia tasting different foods that will make Hush visible again. First of all we made pumpkin scones. In the afternoon, we were learning to sequence events in order, so we set up the classroom in the shape of Australia and mapped out the story. The children visited each place and tasted some of the different foods from the story. They were wearing possum masks we had made earlier during the day. The students really enjoyed cooking the scones even though some children were not keen on the pumpkin they quickly realised that they don’t really taste like pumpkin but in fact they were delicious!!!

In Mathematics, we are learning all about 3D shapes. We have been learning the difference between 2D and 3D shapes. We have also been identifying shapes, naming these shapes and trying to find them within the classroom and nature playground. We are all really enjoying the hands on nature of our maths activities. The four main 3D shapes we have been learning about are cone, cylinder, cube and sphere. You could see if you child can find and name these shapes at home. We will continue learning about 3D shapes this week in Maths.

In English, we have been learning and consolidating lots of concepts;
➢ Revision of letters and sounds
➢ Phonological Awareness skills
➢ Sounding out when reading and writing
➢ Sight words
➢ Writing simple sentences (When writing sentences, we are working to ensure that we accurately use capital letters and full stops, include a main idea and have spaces between words. We are also focussing on making our sentences interesting by including detail).
➢ Retelling events in order
➢ Comprehension skills
➢ Handwriting and letter formations

I have some amazing photos of our 100 days of school dress up and our Possum Magic party. However, I am keeping them hidden until open night and look forward to sharing them with you.

Below are a few important reminders:
➢ Please bring in your $5 for Semester Two cooking at your earliest convenience. Students have really enjoyed participating in our cooking program and we would love to cook some new recipes in Semester Two.
➢ Save The Date – On Friday the 1st of September, we will be having a special Fathers Day Morning.
➢ Just a reminder that our home readers are sent home on Monday. You can return them on the Friday or Monday.
➢ If you were not drawn as a parent helper and would like to meet us at the zoo please let me know.
Zoo excursion: Friday the 11th of August
➢ The kids are welcome to bring their gumboots to school and wear them when it has rained to play in the puddles in the nature playground.
This weeks News Topic: Tell me about it template
Week Four News topic: Favourite animal- which animal do you really want to see at the zoo and why?

Many thanks for your continued support and sorry for the information overload. Please let me know if you have any further questions. I look forward to seeing everyone bright and early tomorrow.
Brittany ☺

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