We have been learning about ordinal numbers this week and really enjoyed reading the book 10 Little Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle. We hope you like our work that is up on display in our room.


  • Sequencing and retelling
  • Reading and writing our sight words
  • Sounding out our words and including finger spaces when writing
  • Blending and segmenting words orally as well as more tricky phonological awareness skills such as manipulation and deletion of letters in words.
  • Different reading skills during guided reading
  • Writing CVC and CCVC words


We have been learning about what living things need to survive. This week we made shelters for an animal of our choice. The children could choose play dough, blocks, lego, box construction or drawings. They did an amazing job creating their shelters and explaining what their animal would need to survive.


We have been learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their cultures. We watched videos and learnt some Aboriginal words. We also made special handprints that will be displayed at the front of the school to welcome the Aboriginal dancers who will be preforming for us on Thursday 29th June. This will help us to celebrate NAIDOC week, which falls during the school holidays. Next term we will be learning about Australia and can’t wait to read some Dreamtime stories.

Week 9:

Don’t forget the news topic this week is a healthy recipe. We are learning all about healthy eating this week. We will also be celebrating Winter Solstice on Wednesday by wearing our pyjamas and having an hour without power.

Due to technical issues I cannot attach any photos. The admin team are working hard to resolve this issue. I will upload them as soon as this issue is rectified.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Thank you 🙂