First of all, HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all our amazing dads in Room 3. I hope you have a wonderful day.

We have been super busy in Room 3. Here is an update of the learning that has been taking place:

  • Over the past two weeks we have been making lots of things for our Fathers day morning.
  • We completed a science investigation about what happens to different materials when they get wet.
  • We made tuna balls in cooking. Lot’s of the children hadn’t tried tuna before.
  • We went to the garden and explored. We also got to taste some freshly picked broccoli. I was amazed at how many of the children loved eating the raw broccoli and asked for more! I think we will have to make something with broccoli in next time we cook.
  • We watched Mrs Hall’s class assembly about loose parts. All the pre-primaries sat and listened so beautifully. After the assembly we talked about different ways we can use the loose parts in our nature playground and how to use our imagination!
  • In mathematics, we have been learning about addition in a ‘hands on’ way, using lots of concrete materials!
  • In science, we have been learning all about what things are made of.
  • We completed our recount writing assessment for our progress files and I was so proud of how far all the children have come. I can’t wait to share their progress files with you on Thursday of Week 10.
  • We did whole class cooking of rocky road for our Fathers Day presents.
  • We have continued reading our Australian books as well as lots of books for Fathers Day.

Fathers Day:

Thank you to everyone who attended our Fathers Day morning tea. We hope you enjoyed your morning. Mrs Aldersea and I certainly did.

Reminders for the rest of the term:

News topics:

  • Week 8: What’s it made of? Complete the ‘tell me about it’ sheet. Choose an object that is made from something different this time, e.g. glass, metal, wood or plastic.

(Please see sheet attached- This is the second time completing this sheet).

  • Week 9: The environment- List some ways your family helps to look after the environment. e.g, having shorter showers, having a compost heap, recycling or walking to school.
  • Week 10: Free choice Talk about your favourite toy, game or activity.

Taiko Drums Japanese Incursion:

September 7th: Week 8, Thursday. Our time slot is 11.05-12.05.

Outdoor classroom day:

Our school has registered to take part in the outdoor classroom day on the 7th of September. We see this day as a celebration of what we are already doing with nature play and a chance to inspire other schools to get involved. Here is a little bit of information about this day;

Anyone who has seen the impact that learning and playing outdoors has on children knows how powerful such experiences can be. Learning outdoors creates lasting memories, helps build a greater awareness of the environment, provides more opportunities to think independently, and gets children feeling challenged and excited by learning. Children are more active when they play outdoors; It is essential for their healthy development and enjoyment of childhood.

Building on the success of the 2016 campaign, our aim is to get millions of children around the world learning and playing outside across three dates in 2017 — 18 May, 7 September and 12 October.

Nature Play WA Video:

We recently watched this video as a staff at Aubin Grove PS. It highlights the importance of unstructured play outdoors and in nature, which is fundamental to a full and healthy childhood. It sends a very powerful message so I thought I would share it with you.

 For our outdoor classroom day children will be able to explore our nature playground and engage with a range of different outdoor experiences such as;

  • Cubby building
  • Sand castles
  • Muddy pies
  • Painting rocks
  • Nature collage
  • Nature scavenger hunts

We will also be providing the children with nature play passports. I will send out some more information regarding these.

Week 10:

Open Night– Wednesday 20th September: 5.30-7pm

Progress Files will be sent home on Thursday the 21st of September

Book Week Parade- Dress up day: Last day of school. Friday the 22nd of September. Our theme is ‘Australia’.

Please see me If you have any questions. We have so many wonderful activities to look forward to in the coming weeks. I look forward to seeing everyone Monday.

PLEASE NOTE: I have been trying to upload all the amazing photos but it is not working. I will seek help Monday and hopefully I will be able to upload them then.