What a wonderful week we had in our last week of term. In mathematics, we have been learning about patterning in a hands on and engaging way and we also had a visit from constable care. It was all about “protective behaviours”. The children thought the play was very funny and it taught them some very important things about keeping themselves safe. They learnt the difference between a ‘good scary’ feeling and a ‘bad scary’ feeling and what is a good or bad secret to keep. The children learnt that they should tell the people on their helping hand if they think it is a bad secret. It was an extremely valuable incursion for the children to go to and it was presented in such a child friendly and age appropriate manner. We loved our Easter celebrations and completed lots of Easter crafts and activities in weeks 9 and 10! The Easter bunny left carrots and footprints around our school, had a visit to our class and we had an Easter hunt in our nature playground and classroom. The Easter bunny left us three notes; one in the morning apologising for all the mess, a second note that told us we were going on an egg (ping pong ball) hunt outside in the nature playground and the third note said there was a surprise waiting for us in our classroom. It was a magical day full of excitement and fun. We hope you enjoyed your card and cooking from the children and you all had a wonderful Easter together. I look forward to seeing everyone nice and early back at school on Wednesday the 26th all ready to go for swimming lessons!