Bee Bots, Osmo and ‘The Pit’

We were lucky enough to have Mr Kubicek come into our class to guide us in learning some new technology at the end of last term and today. Mr Kubicek introduced the Bee Bots to us last term and we learnt how to program a code for Bee Bot. We learnt the importance of a written code that we could follow, and change. We also used Bee Bot to help us find addition answers. Today we tried ‘unplugged’ coding. It was challenging to use our learning in a new context!

Today Mr Kubicek showed us how to use Osmo’s. Half of the class were able to try them out today and played word games, tangram puzzles and maths games. They were lots of fun!

During our coding sessions we have also been using the iPads to play Kodable, an app where students can practise simple programming skills. We are also becoming familiar with how our calculators work by using them to solve calculator math activities.

I had to share with the students that I was in ‘The Pit’ with my learning about the Osmo’s as it was also my first time seeing them! We have been talking a lot about being in ‘the pit’ during the learning process, what it means and how we can climb out and help our friends out of the pit. However, we know that the pit is a great place to be as it means you are learning something new! This term we continue discussing the pit, however will be focusing explicitly on the Aubin Grove Learner Qualities of Communicator, Driver and Thinker that were shown during the parent open night and you will have seen in the classroom and around the school.


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