This term our maths focus has been on number skills, including number sequencing, ordering, place value and mental strategies.

Mental Strategies 

We are covering four mental strategies this term. In addition we are looking at counting on (with numbers 1 -3, e.g. 15 +3) and rainbow facts which are numbers which add to 10. We are now looking at counting back for subtraction and will soon be finding out how we can use our rainbow facts in subtraction. We have played games such as ‘Make Ten’ with playing cards and ‘Think Big, Count Small.’ These are both simple games you can play at home to support your children’s mental strategies. ‘Think Big, Count Small’ is a free downloadable game from Dr Paul Swan

Students are able to practise their mental strategies in our weekly maths challenge and in class Super Strategies booklet. Come in and have a look at our Maths Challenge Poster and see who has been achieving a new personal best each week!

Place Value

Learning about place value is one of the biggest concepts we cover in Year One. We have started using hands on manipulatives to explore the concept. Making bundles with the bundling sticks, counting and making collections and learning a trading game are just some of the ways we have been working on place value. Many students can already use tens and ones to count and make collections quickly and can describe the value of each number (e.g. 4 tens, 6 ones).