Term Two

The students have had a great start back this term. We hit the ground running starting swimming lessons last week, however they have had a positive attitude to their lessons and are having a great time. They have taken the changes to our routines happily and have shown fantastic Aubin Grove behaviour at the pools. We are very proud of them! Swimming will continue this week, with Friday being our last day.

Today I sent homework folders home. There is no reading book this week, however Mrs Devine has put their new spelling words and homework grid inside. Their spelling tests will be this Friday.

This term in English we will continue focusing on simple sentences and placing full stops in the correct places. We will continue to revise recount writing, however will move onto writing narratives and using descriptive language. In phonics we will begin looking at long vowels and different ways that we can write sounds. We are starting with Magic E in week 2 and 3. In reading, we will be focusing on finding details and key ideas in a text and the students will be monitoring their fluency.

In Maths we will revise number and place value concepts. We are becoming confident in understanding tens and ones! We will consolidate the mental strategies from last term (counting on, counting back, rainbow facts for addition and subtraction) and learn some new strategies including doubles, near doubles and skip counting. We have a new maths challenge to practise fluency of our mental strategies each week. We will continue practising our measurement skills in length as well as learn some language of chance and work with 3D shapes.

In HASS we are continuing to learn about how our daily lives have changed from past to present. We enjoyed finding out about olden day schools last term, and the way toys have changed. This term we will learn about the different roles of family members past and present; and how chores, clothing and play have changed.

Mrs Devine will be looking at light and sound in Science and I am sure there will be lots of fun experiments involved. In Health the students are following on from some of Constable Care’s messages from last term. They will be learning about how to keep safe in different situations.

This week we will miss library again due to the changes in the timetable with swimming. However, next week we return to normal and the library is looking fantastic!

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