Tranby House Excursion

On Thursday 1st June we went on our excursion to Peninsula Farm as part of our History program. The students have been learning all about the ways daily lives have changed from the past to now and this was a fantastic way for them to see this in action.

Our wonderful presenter Elizabeth talked to us about the history of Tranby House. It was one of the first farms to be established in the Swan River Colony in 1830, by Ann and Joseph Hardy and the six children they raised there.

Throughout the day we were able to see many olden day artefacts and learn so much about the way the Hardy family lived.

During the morning session we explored the inside of Tranby House and our guides told us some more about the history.. We saw the bedroom, kitchen, laundry, dry store and sitting room. Each room was set up similar to the way the Hardy family lived, even with some of their old furniture! The students were interested to find out about how jobs were done around the house with no electricity or water and see some of the olden day ‘appliances.’

We then played olden day games. We played quoits, ring toss, skipping, spinning tops, hopscotch and egg and spoon races with a beautiful view over the river. The students loved trying out all the different games!

After lunch we were shown some artefacts from the past. Some of the items we saw were a camera, butter churner, tie press, toast holder, flour sifter, candle holder and soap holder cage. We had to guess what the items were and what they had been replaced by.

We then did some sketching of the Hardy family. We had seen photos of Ann and Joseph so were able to draw some of their olden clothes. We then drew a picture of our own families to compare it to.

Our last activity of the day was making peg dolls. Just like children in the olden days, we used some left over bits of fabric, pegs and glue to make our peg dolls.

A huge thank you to our lovely parent helpers for the day!! Excursions just can’t happen without the support of the parent community so we appreciate it so much.

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