Week 2

Hi everyone,

We have now received the timetable for the sports carnival. I will pop it up on the classroom window by tomorrow morning.

Progress folders will be sent home next Thursday, 26th October. There are a couple that have not yet been returned from Semester 1. Could these be sent back ASAP please.

The Faction Carnival is coming up next Wednesday. The K/PP students will be on the oval until recess and we will commence our carnival from 11:05 onwards. As such we will have Art and Japanese first thing in the morning. As it may be a hot day, please put sunscreen on students before the beginning of the day. You may also like to have some in their bag to use, or alternatively, there will be sunscreen available in the faction bays.

Can I also remind everyone that if students are absent from school to please notify myself or the office via email, phone call or the school app.  Any unexplained absences are recorded as unauthorised and you may be contacted by admin for an explanation.

Please let me know if you have questions. Have a great week!

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