Junior Sport Carnival Years 1 & 2

Dear Room 31 Families,

On Wednesday the 25th October in Term 4, Week 3, the Year 1 & 2’s will have their Junior Sports Carnival on the oval. The carnival will commence after recess from approximately 11.15am and continue until the end of the day. Please mark this day on your calendar. Extended family members are welcome. So, make a day of it, bring a picnic, blanket or chair, hat and sunscreen. Dress up in the right colours (Go Gold) and enjoy the atmosphere. The students have been busy practicing every rain free chance they get and are eager to show off their accomplished skills. More information will follow early in Term 4 but please SAVE THE DATE!


End of Term 3

Hi Families,

Tracey and I would like to sincerely thank you all for all your help, kindness, and unwavering support this term.  You made us feel so welcomed and appreciated and we can’t thank you enough for sharing your children with us. We had had an amazing time and will really miss them next term but promise to pop in for quick visits from time to time.

Next term Mrs Jones will be back and I know, not only will she be amazed at the progress that has been made, but she will be very proud of the way the students have behaved in her absence.

This week we celebrated Open Night and Book Week. Both have been a huge success and we thank you for not only attending Open Night but organising such wonderful costumes for the students.  They looked amazing!


Wishing you a safe, relaxing and sun filled holiday break!

💜 Mrs Matthews and Mrs Lucas


Open Night Information

Hi Families,

We have all been extremely busy with setting up our classrooms for open night and are excited to show you what we have been doing. Open night is tomorrow night, Wednesday 20.9.2017 and commences at 5.30pm – 7pm.

At Open Night tomorrow there will be QR codes on some of the children’s work. To view these you will need a QR Code Reader app on your phone or ipad/tablet. These are free to download from the app store or google play store. Let me know if you have any problems.

Please remember that the work displayed is only a snapshot of your child’s achievement and if you have any concerns or queries please make an appointment time to discuss this.

We are looking forward to an amazing night!


Term 3 Week 8 & 9

Congratulations to last weeks merit award winners Charli and Jaymee! It’s fantastic to see such hard working students rewarded for their hard work!

Last week we had an amazing time on our excursion, looking at all the things we had been learning about in HASS – History this term.  We were blessed with gorgeous weather and amazing help from the volunteer guides and parents helpers who, were instrumental in making the day the success it was, so another huge thank you to them.

This week we have been busy finishing off for open night!  We are getting very excited about it and love seeing all the amazing work going up!  Don’t forget to come and visit next Wednesday evening!

Kiss and Drop

Hi Parents,
Starting Monday all Year 2 classes will be instigating a kiss and drop policy.
This means parents will drop this kids at the door of the classroom. This will allow us to secretly set up our learning journey for open night, and is also part of our transition into Year 3. Kiss and Drop will continue for Term 4, as we transition the children into the senior part of the school.
As per usual, if you need to chat, please feel free to email us or catch us after school.
Only one Term of Year 2 to go!

Term 3 Week 7 and Excursion Information

Hi Families,

I can’t believe we are heading into Week 8 with only 3 weeks left of Term 3! This term certainly has flown by! Week 7 saw us very busy making gifts for Father’s Day, learning and revising Coding with Mr Kubicek, learning about money and different currencies, time with Mrs Lucas, completing assessments for progress folders, revising our three sounds of ‘ed’ and continuing our focus on the history of Samson House. We also revisited learning about the Fish Philosophy and what does a good learner look like at Aubin Grove Primary School! See pictures below.

Excursion Information

We are very excited about our excursion this Wednesday! Your Child will need a labelled packed lunch, recess and drink bottle. Please ensure your child is in correct school uniform with any jumpers hats or removable items clearly labelled with your child’s name. The bus will depart school at 8.45am and arrive at Samson house at approximately 9.30am.  We depart Fremantle  Esplanade at 2pm to return to school. All students must return to school via the bus. If you have any concerns or queries regarding Wednesday’s excursion, please don’t hesitate to let us know.


Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all our Special Dad’s!  We hope you had a great day full of special treats, extra big hugs and loads of indulgences!

Term 3 Week 6

It’s been another full on week for Room 31 and we have been very excited about our new desk arrangements! Thank you again to everyone who sent in a mixture for our Science Investigations, especially the yummy ones!

Special congratulations go to Molly and Paige who won the ‘Creativity’ award in the whole school, Year 2 category, Science competition.  They girls jointly designed a device that would detect when recyclable material was put in the incorrect bin and send a message to an app on your phone, thus saving our environment!  Well done girls!

Congratulations also, to Jordan and Thomas who were this week’s Merit award winners!

This week we are well into our research of Samson House in Fremantle and the Samson Family.  Keep your eye out for some interesting work around this on Open Night.  We have also started our assessments for the Progress Folders, Reading, Writing, Science and coming soon Mathematics. This week in Literacy we looked at the 3 sounds of ‘ed’. We needed to listen for the last sound the word made and select which sound it came under.  This proved very tricky for some of us!

Next week we are looking at ‘contractions’, Y-ies spelling rule and ‘onomatopoeia’. We have started work with money in maths and Mrs Lucas as moved onto ‘time’.

Don’t forget Next week is the last week to get your forms and money in for the excursion!

Room 31 News!

Hi Families,

Last Friday we were lucky enough to have a surprise visit from Constable Bowers (Molly’s Dad).  Constable Bowers showed us the police cars, handcuffs and other equipment.  He talked about, what police officers do and how they can help.  He also told us what to do in an emergency or if we are feeling unsafe for any reason. It was a fantastic visit which the students thoroughly enjoyed.  He also left us some gifts, balloons, stickers, hats and colouring in sheets. Thanks again Constable Bowers!

Don’t forget Monday is Waste Free Lunch Day.  We are very keen to steal the Trophy from Room 8 who had a score of 91% last fortnight!

Term 3 Weeks 4 & 5

Congratulations Omar and Phoebe for receiving  Merit Awards at last week’s assembly. We are lucky to have such talented students in room 31!

This week we have been really have fun with fractions.  We have found out that Fractions are parts of a whole and we have been using the language of denominators and numerators.  We even learnt what a vinculum is.  If you don’t know what it is then just ask someone in Room 31! We have been playing Showdown and Quiz Quiz trade to identify groups of fractions and divide shapes to show fractional amounts. We are becoming quite the experts! Tomorrow we will begin looking at time, O’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter too.  Next week we will also be looking at money and counting money collections.

We are still focusing on Narratives in Literacy and have written some great stories using the story mountain planning template and the rule of 3.  if you don’t know what the rule of 3 is then please ask your child to explain it!

Thank you to all the families who have sent in different mixtures for our Science program.  The kids have been fascinated by them and have been captivated audiences when presentations are made.

Thank you to all those parents who kindly offered to assist on the up coming Excursion.  We now have enough parent help and I will be in contact with those parents with more information.

There have been several notes sent home in the last two weeks. Those being; the excursion to Samson House, Japanese Incursion, Father’s Day and The P&C Disco. If you have not received any these, please let us know.

In regards to Book Week, we have been reading the book ‘My Place’ by Donna Rawlins and Nadia Wheatley.  It begins in 1988 with a childs explanation and map about their place and family.  Every page goes back 10 years from the previous one with a different child but all from around the same area.  This is the text we are using for the Book Week Parade at the end of the term. The kids are loving it so far and we have talked about what they might like to dress up in.  As the book looks at Australia’s history from 1988 to 1799, the possibilities are endless.  If you have any further questions in regards to this please let us know.

The Year 6’s are holding a dress up in your favourite sporting team day for a gold coin donation next Friday the 25th August. This is to raise money for the Year Six Big Week Out at the end of Term 4. 

Finally, Mrs Lucas as been away, however she will return next week.  I am out of the classroom next week on Monday and Tuesday to collect some whole school data for my role as Impact Coach.  Mrs Karli Fitton will take the class on Monday and Mrs Lucas will be back to take the class on Tuesday. Wednesday will be back to normal. If you have any concerns regarding this, please don’t hesitate to contact me.