Term 3 Week 7 and Excursion Information

Hi Families,

I can’t believe we are heading into Week 8 with only 3 weeks left of Term 3! This term certainly has flown by! Week 7 saw us very busy making gifts for Father’s Day, learning and revising Coding with Mr Kubicek, learning about money and different currencies, time with Mrs Lucas, completing assessments for progress folders, revising our three sounds of ‘ed’ and continuing our focus on the history of Samson House. We also revisited learning about the Fish Philosophy and what does a good learner look like at Aubin Grove Primary School! See pictures below.

Excursion Information

We are very excited about our excursion this Wednesday! Your Child will need a labelled packed lunch, recess and drink bottle. Please ensure your child is in correct school uniform with any jumpers hats or removable items clearly labelled with your child’s name. The bus will depart school at 8.45am and arrive at Samson house at approximately 9.30am.  We depart Fremantle  Esplanade at 2pm to return to school. All students must return to school via the bus. If you have any concerns or queries regarding Wednesday’s excursion, please don’t hesitate to let us know.


Term 3 Weeks 4 & 5

Congratulations Omar and Phoebe for receiving  Merit Awards at last week’s assembly. We are lucky to have such talented students in room 31!

This week we have been really have fun with fractions.  We have found out that Fractions are parts of a whole and we have been using the language of denominators and numerators.  We even learnt what a vinculum is.  If you don’t know what it is then just ask someone in Room 31! We have been playing Showdown and Quiz Quiz trade to identify groups of fractions and divide shapes to show fractional amounts. We are becoming quite the experts! Tomorrow we will begin looking at time, O’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter too.  Next week we will also be looking at money and counting money collections.

We are still focusing on Narratives in Literacy and have written some great stories using the story mountain planning template and the rule of 3.  if you don’t know what the rule of 3 is then please ask your child to explain it!

Thank you to all the families who have sent in different mixtures for our Science program.  The kids have been fascinated by them and have been captivated audiences when presentations are made.

Thank you to all those parents who kindly offered to assist on the up coming Excursion.  We now have enough parent help and I will be in contact with those parents with more information.

There have been several notes sent home in the last two weeks. Those being; the excursion to Samson House, Japanese Incursion, Father’s Day and The P&C Disco. If you have not received any these, please let us know.

In regards to Book Week, we have been reading the book ‘My Place’ by Donna Rawlins and Nadia Wheatley.  It begins in 1988 with a childs explanation and map about their place and family.  Every page goes back 10 years from the previous one with a different child but all from around the same area.  This is the text we are using for the Book Week Parade at the end of the term. The kids are loving it so far and we have talked about what they might like to dress up in.  As the book looks at Australia’s history from 1988 to 1799, the possibilities are endless.  If you have any further questions in regards to this please let us know.

The Year 6’s are holding a dress up in your favourite sporting team day for a gold coin donation next Friday the 25th August. This is to raise money for the Year Six Big Week Out at the end of Term 4. 

Finally, Mrs Lucas as been away, however she will return next week.  I am out of the classroom next week on Monday and Tuesday to collect some whole school data for my role as Impact Coach.  Mrs Karli Fitton will take the class on Monday and Mrs Lucas will be back to take the class on Tuesday. Wednesday will be back to normal. If you have any concerns regarding this, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Term 3 Week 3

We had lots of fun this week. We have been learning about statistics and probability with developing purposeful questions, collecting data and presenting this data in a pictograph. We decided to find out whether every packet of M&M’s had an even amount of colours in them. Please ask your child what they found out. We also continued our work on fractions.

We have been learning to identify letter patterns in words with our spelling (Words Their Way) and loved our speed sort, where we challenged a partner to see who could sort their words the quickest!

In Science we are looking at different mixtures. Look out in Week 4 for some Science homework.

In Literacy we are still looking at Narratives with our reading and writing of them.  We looked and characters this week and used adjectives to describe what a character looks like, physical features and what type of character they are.

Congratulations go to Tameem and Jessica who both received Merit Certificates at last Tuesday’s assembly.

Today in your child’s homework folder you will find a new homework matrix, science homework sheet and information and excursion forms for our excursion to Samson House later in the term! See you next week!

Week One with Mrs Matthews and Mrs Lucas

Hi Families,

We had a great first week getting to know each other.  We miss Mrs Jones though and hope she is having an amazing holiday!

Last week we participated in some Kagan activities, getting to know the people in our team and creating team names and chants. We played a class building game called Eleven and a team building game called Pretzel – Un-pretzel. You can see from the pictures we had an amazing time.

In Literacy this term we are looking at Narratives, using the Story mountain strategy.  In Maths we are looking at fractions and in Science we have been mixing up a storm with the Chemical Science focus of Mixtures. We have spent some time observing mixtures and added a few of our own to make chocolate crackels.

Both Mrs Matthews and Mrs Lucas are working very hard together to ensure Room 31 maintains their excellent progress with their learning.  If you have any concerns or queries please to not hesitate to contact us or pop in for a visit. Our email addresses are Lynna.Matthews1@education.wa.edu.au and Tracey.Lucas@education.wa.edu.au


Place Value

In Maths we have been working on Place Value.

That is-  the value each digit is worth depending on its position within a number.

We are all very good at determining the value of a digit in a number up into the thousands.

Try these activities-

If you have a deck of cards, ask your child to teach you how to play WAR.

Wipe Out-With  a calculator, ask you child to insert a number in the 100s or 1000s. Then ask them to make another number. They will do this by by adding or taking from the correct “place”.

Write 4 numbers for your child and they can use those numbers to write 6 entirely different numbers.


Having Fun Playing Wipe Out.

First Weeks Learning

Here are a few samples of our first weeks activities.