Week 5

Wow! We are half way through the term already.

It has been a busy time indeed.

Faction Carnival

After a soggy start, we all had a great day last Friday at the Faction Sports Carnival.

All students behaved and performed exceptionally well.

It was very exciting for Red faction to win the day.

Science/ Technology

As part of our Science program we have been doing Forces, namely pushes and pulls.

Gravity is our strongest force.

We designed a parachute with an understanding of how gravity pulls us down and air pressure is a force that pushes up into the parachute.

We then set about to build our designs and test them from a height in the play ground.

A lot of fun was had and children then appraised the success of their designs and suggested ways to improve them.

Thank you for sending in the material that your child wanted to build with.

Salvation Army Appeal

It is our annual appeal for food for the salvation Army to distribute to needy families.

A list of appropriate food items is on our board.

Your child should be able to tell you as we have discussed the items at length.

Thank you.


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