Word Study (Spelling)

Hi Families,

In the mornings when the children come into the classroom we are working on a word study program by Words Their Way. Word study evolved from over three decades of research that explored the developmental aspects of spelling.
Word study allows for children to develop their understanding of vocabulary, spelling patterns and phonics.
First, students develop a general knowledge of English spelling. They learn how to examine words through active exploration using a hands-on, manipulative approach.
Students also discover generalisations about spelling, instead of just spelling rules. They learn the regularities, patterns, and conventions of English letters and sounds needed to read and spell.
Second, word study increases students’ specific knowledge of words. Specific knowledge relates to the spelling and meaning of individual words.
Our Word Study program allows children to practise their words through games (before 8.35am) and then follow up with written practise at 8.35am. It is therefore very important children are arriving at school on time (8.25am) so they can gain the maximum benefit from this program.
Thank you for your support with this.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Lynna Matthews
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