Merit Certificate Winners


Good afternoon,

Please ensure that you notify the school if your child is absent from school.

We must have an explanation as to why they are absent, for any reason.

You can ring the office, email, use the school app, write a note in your child’s diary or speak to me in person.

It is a requirement that this is done to keep our attendance accurately documented. Your co-operation on this is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Chicken Pox

Good morning parents,

I have been informed that a student in Year 4 has been diagnosed with chickenpox.

Common symptoms of chickenpox usually include:

• Fever.

• Fatigue.

• Loss of appetite.

• A generalised rash a day or so later and starts as itchy red spots but rapidly progresses to blisters.

A person is infectious from two days prior to the onset of the rash until the blisters have all crusted into scabs, usually about five days after they appear.

Children with chickenpox must miss school until all remaining blisters have become scabs then exclusion is no longer required.

Please note that pregnant women and newborn babies should not be exposed to people with active chickenpox.



Lily Dorotich

Science Week Challenge

For Science Week, students were challenged to choose an area that affects global sustainability. They then had to research and come up with an idea that could help solve this issue. This voluntary project was completed by 5 students in Room 32. They worked worked extremely hard and came up with some awesome ideas! Here are some photos of the day.







The Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) program provides part time extension for gifted and talented students in Years 5 and 6.

PEAC offers a range of courses that provide the most able students with opportunities for extension and enrichment work that is intellectually challenging.

 All students across the state in government schools, who are in Year 4, will have the opportunity to be assessed for suitability for the PEAC Program.

 Students who are performing well at school are possible candidates for the program. There are some students in Year 4 whose potential is not so easily recognized.  There may be students who are underachieving at school and there are some students who demonstrate certain skills and abilities more at home than at school.

 Together, we can ensure that all students who have potential for high academic performance are identified.

 The testing for PEAC will take place at Aubin Grove Primary School NEXT week on Wednesday morning. We would appreciate if medical appointments etc could be timetabled around the allocated testing time for your child’s class as outlined below:

 If you object to your child being assessed for inclusion in the PEAC program, please email your class teacher letting them know.

 There will be two tests: Verbal Reasoning and Mathematical Reasoning. Both of these assessments take 20 minutes to complete. The Department of Education and Training will score the results electronically. Your child’s actual test results will remain confidential, the school will only be told who is and who isn’t eligible for the program.

 Notification of success in gaining a placement into the 2018 & 2018 PEAC program will be provided to the school and then sent to parents later in Term 4 2017.

 If you have any questions about the PEAC selection process and future educational programs, please contact Nola Smith Deputy Principal Aubin Grove Primary.

Swimming Lessons

If you would like your child to take place in swimming during weeks 3 and 4, could you please ensure you have paid the required amount by Wednesday of week 2.

Thank you!


NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia each year to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC is celebrated not only in Indigenous communities, but by Australians from all walks of life.

Aubin Grove was lucky enough to be visited by a group of Indigenous Australian dancers who showed us some of their traditional dance moves. Here are a few photos of the visit.

Our Assembly

Thank you to everyone who came down to see our awesome assembly in Week 7 we hope you all thoroughly enjoyed it! Our class worked very hard to create our own version of the song ‘There’s a hole in the bucket.’ Here’s a few pictures of our class in their costumes.

Crazy Hair Day

What an awesome day filled with crazy hair! Thank you to students who donated a gold coin and participated in this years Crazy Hair Day. Here are some photos of our wonderful and wacky day!