In Week 9, Room 32 was lucky enough to be visited by Mrs Matthews, one of our lovely Impact Coaches here at Aubin Grove. Mrs Matthews kindly explained some great ways to make use of KAGAN Cooperative Learning in the classroom. The visit gave us plenty to look forward to, with the class spending the morning devising group chants, group dances and participating in some fantastic team building activities.

KAGAN Cooperative Learning is one of the most extensively researched educational innovations of all time. There are approximately one thousand research studies documenting its effectiveness and showing that Cooperative Learning induces gains across all content areas, all grade levels, and in all types of students including; special needs, high achieving, gifted, urban, rural, and across all ethnic and racial groups.

One of the most popular games the students participated in, ‘The Human Pretzel’, was designed to encourage team work and build rapport. For this activity, students (in groups of four) had to twist their bodies into pretzels. One of the four students was then tasked with untangling the other members of their group. Overall, it was amazing morning filled with laughter and some outstanding team work. We look forward to using KAGAN in our classroom in the future.


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