Room 33 Assembly – Term 2 Wk 2

Dear Parents

Today your child will have received their copy of the script for our upcoming assembly in term 2. As we only have a few days before our assembly when we return in term 2, it would be great if students could rehearse their part in the holidays.

If your child has a part as a reporter, could they please wear something more formal. Some students may be talking to the ‘reporters’ and I have spoken to them about ideas for costumes. Other students will be wearing Australian themed outfits – footy jumpers, bush hat/khaki shirt, boardies and a rashie/zinc, singlet and shorts. If you have any spare items to share with other students please send them along (with your child’s name clearly marked). Please send them in a labelled plastic bag. Items may be sent in before the holidays if you wish.

Please email me or pop into the classroom if you are unsure about costumes. Thank you.

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