Swimming Lessons

Dear Parents

Room 33 is very excited about going swimming next week. Our session time (actual lesson is 12:50pm) if you would like to attend to watch any lessons. As we have to board the bus by 12:30, our class will need to have an earlier lunch. You may like your child to eat their lunch at recess time (10:45 – 11:05) and then have a lighter snack (at about 12:00pm) just before we hop on the bus. You may also wish to include a more substantial crunch and sip which they can have upon our return from the pool.

As our lesson is during the middle of the day, your child may wish to change at school. If your child prefers to wear their bathers under their uniform to school this is fine but board shorts should not be worn to school or at recess. Students will be given time to change after recess. Students will need to travel to the pool wearing a rashie/bathers under their warm jacket/dressing gown and thongs.

Please ensure that your child’s bathers, rashie, towel, warm jacket/dressing gown, thongs and goggles all come to school in a labelled plastic bag. These should be brought inside the classroom in the morning. Please make sure goggles are clearly labelled.

Our music lesson during the last session on Thursday on our regular timetable will not be running at this time during the fortnight of swimming. This session will run on Wednesday 11:05 – 12:05 with Miss Souter for the next fortnight so that students will not miss out on any music lessons.

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