Book Week

Thank you for your dress up efforts today!

Despite the poor weather, it capped off another amazing term nicely. I still can’t believe it is the end of term 3 already!

Enjoy these photos but keep an eye on the school blog for more.

National eSmart Week

Last week was National eSmart Week. All the Year 4 to 6 classes participated in one activity to reinforce their Cyber Safety messages from Term 1. The Year Fours brainstormed the key messages for creating and keeping a safe password. They then digitally designed an eSmart Superhero giving some advice about the important things to remember when it comes to passwords. Here are some of the samples from Room 34:

Also, here is also a handy reminder about balancing time online as we approach the spring school holidays.

Assembly Item Video

Hi all,

Everyone did a wonderful job today. I am very proud of how well they presented our item! Thank you for all of your help with costumes, lines and props.

For those that couldn’t make it, below is a link to a video of our item. The link will take you to an unlisted YouTube video that can only be accessed with the secure link.


Regards, Tom


Hi everyone,

A reminder that our class assembly is next Tuesday 29th August. The Assembly will start at approximately 1:20 pm. If you can come and watch, that’d be fantastic. For those that can’t make it on the day, I will film it and post the video to this blog as soon as possible.

Today we spoke about costumes. They are to be kept simple. All students should know what their group is wearing. If not, a list of examples is below.


  • Black pants and top.
  • No shoes.


  • Simple clothing (dark pants or shorts, light or dark top).
  • Scruffy hair.
  • No shoes.

Shop Keepers:

  • A simple dress or dark pants and light or dark top.
  • No shoes.
  • Bailey. W – scarf.

Market People:

  • A simple dress or dark pants and light or dark top.
  • No shoes.


  • Dark pants.
  • White top.
  • No shoes.
  • The possibility of a hat or other defining marks provided (e.g. police badge).

Market Man (Dominic):

  • Black pants.
  • White top.
  • Black shoes.
  • Jacket provided.

Judge (Lalkrishna):

  • Dark top and pants.
  • Tie.
  • Wig.
  • Black shoes.

Thank you for your support. I don’t expect/want you to buy anything for this assembly. Costumes should be simple items they already have. They are all very excited and working hard so I can’t wait to share it with you all.

PEAC – Primary Extension and Challenge Information for Parents

The Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) program provides part time extension for gifted and talented students in Years 5 and 6.

PEAC offers a range of courses that provide the most able students with opportunities for extension and enrichment work that is intellectually challenging.

All students across the state in government schools, who are in Year 4, will have the opportunity to be assessed for suitability for the PEAC Program.

Students who are performing well at school are possible candidates for the program. There are some students in Year 4 whose potential is not so easily recognized. There may be students who are underachieving at school and there are some students who demonstrate certain skills and abilities more at home than at school.

Together, we can ensure that all students who have potential for high academic performance are identified.

The testing for PEAC will take place at Aubin Grove Primary School NEXT week on Wednesday morning. We would appreciate if medical appointments etc could be timetabled around the allocated testing time for your child’s class as outlined below:

If you object to your child being assessed for inclusion in the PEAC program, please email your class teacher letting them know.

There will be two tests: Verbal Reasoning and Mathematical Reasoning. Both of these assessments take 20 minutes to complete. The Department of Education and Training will score the results electronically. Your child’s actual test results will remain confidential, the school will only be told who is and who isn’t eligible for the program.

Notification of success in gaining a placement into the 2018 & 2018 PEAC program will be provided to the school and then sent to parents later in Term 4 2017.

If you have any questions about the PEAC selection process and future educational programs, please contact Nola Smith Deputy Principal Aubin Grove Primary

Swimming Lessons Information

Hi all,

For the next two weeks (weeks 3 and 4), we will have swimming lessons first thing in the morning, every day. It is very important that your child arrives at school on time over the next two weeks as we will be leaving class for the bus at 8:30 am. If your child is late they may miss the bus.

Because we are leaving first thing in the morning your child is to come to school dressed in their bathers with thongs on. As it will be cold, it is recommended students wear a dressing gown over their bathers to keep warm. They will carry their towel and goggles onto the bus.  These can be put into a plastic bag or small bag – no big bags will be taken on the bus.

Students must bring their full school uniform including, shoes, socks and underwear to change into after swimming lessons.

If you have not returned the form and paid, please arrange this to be completed tomorrow.


Regards, Tom

**Year 3-6 Interm Swimming Lessons**

**Year 3-6 Interm Swimming Lessons**

Payment and forms are to be returned by this Wednesday 26th July. This can be paid by cash with your form or alternatively by making a direct deposit payment. (Please advise via note with form if paying this way).

Roblox at home

Dear parents,

It has come to the school’s attention that students have been playing an online game called Roblox at home. Roblox is an online social community where people can play and communicate with one another. Alarmingly, some students may have been ‘friending’ unknown accounts and have been talking on the chat function. Through our eSafety Health program, students are taught about the danger of chatting to people online. We encourage parents/carers to reinforce this message and monitor usage at home. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Smith in the admin office.

Regards, Year 4 Team

School Photos – Wednesday 19/07/17

Hi all,

Just a reminder about school photos. Our class is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

Pyjama Day

This WEDNESDAY (tomorrow), the 21st of June, we are going to celebrate the Winter Solstice! The winter solstice is the day of the year that has the least daylight hours and usually occurs on the 21st June.

On this day, there will be no heaters and we will also have an hour without power.

To help us stay warm, students can wear their pyjamas to school!
Please keep in mind –
1. Students must wear school shoes (can bring slippers for the classroom).
2. Students hair must be tied up if shoulder length or longer.
3. Students must be able to put their hat on at recess and lunch.
4. The clothing must cover shoulders and be no shorter in length than the school uniform.
5. Students may bring a book, board game or cards.
6. Students may bring one pillow but no blanket or teddy.

If they do not want to wear their pyjamas, they can wear normal school uniform.