Harmony Day – Friday 17 March

As you know, this Friday (17/3/17) is Harmony Day at Aubin Grove Primary School. Throughout the day, we will be celebrating diversity by decorating the classroom doors with student made posters and we will be having a cultural picnic lunch.

For the picnic lunch, we ask that you provide one small share dish that represents your family and culture. It is recommended that your child is involved in making this dish, as they will introduce it to the class and explain it’s significance.

The logistics of this picnic are quite difficult with the number of students we have and the limited availability of ovens and fridges. With that in mind, we ask anything needing to stay cool is brought to school in a freezer shopping bag with a frozen brick and anything that is hot is brought to school between 11:45 and 12:35. The front gates will be open so come straight to our classroom.

I recommend your child still brings a full packed lunch with them, incase they do not fancy some of the food. They will, however, be encouraged to try new things.

Please note that although it would be fantastic to have parents involved, due to the number of students at school, we can not invite parents to attend the picnic on this occasion.

If you have any questions, please pop in and see me.

Regards, Tom Beard

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