Head Lice

Dear Parents,

Head lice have been found in Room 34 today. Please examine your child’s hair for signs of head lice by following the advice below from the Department of Health. Remember that head lice are only about 2 -4 mm long and are often hard to see. Head lice can move at up to 30cm per minute and will rapidly run away when the hair is parted, so a ‘dry’ hair check is not reliable. Applying hair conditioner to the dry hair slows the head lice down so they can be trapped. They can then be removed by combing with a metal ‘nit comb’: one with long cylindrical teeth about 1mm apart is best.

  1. Apply plenty of hair conditioner to dry hair until saturated. Comb through with ordinary comb to remove tangles.
  2. Section and comb the hair thoroughly with a metal fine tooth ‘nit’ comb in 4 directions – forwards, backwards, left and right. Continue to section and comb the whole head like this.
  3. Wipe the comb on a white paper towel or tissue as you work and when completely finished, examine carefully to check for any adult lice or hatchlings.
  4. When combing is completed, rinse the hair conditioner out and dry the hair.
  5. If you find head lice, you can treat by continuing the hair conditioner method daily for the next 10 days.

If you find head lice, continuing the hair conditioner method daily for the next 10 days and please check all other household members using the hair conditioner method. For more information telephone the Communicable Disease Control Unit on 9388 4868.

Thank you for your help.

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