Reading in Room 35

Welcome back! I thought this is a good opportunity to share with everyone some photos that show what reading looks like in our classroom.

Guided oral reading is an instructional strategy that I use to help each student to improve a variety of reading skills, including fluency. It is a time each day that we all look forward to and enjoy.

Our Two Minute Reading program has been running particularly well. Thank you Mrs Rees and Mrs Pereira for running this program each morning. It has been terrific to watch the Year 5 students grow in confidence.

Our Co operative Reading program involves our whole class, as a team, reflecting on a novel from four different points of view – Code Breaker, Illustrator, Discussion Manager and Investigator. This week we will finish reading Thai-Riffic written by Oliver Phommavanh. It has been a great read.

In addition to our classroom reading initiatives I encourage each of my students to borrow a novel from the school library. Hopefully they can find time, in their busy lives, to read each weeknight. The library will be open again this Friday, so we will be making the most of this great resource!

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