Book week – Week 10, Term 3

Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather.

Below is some information about Aubin Grove’s upcoming Book Week:

Book Week Celebrations – Week 10


This year’s CBCA Book Week theme is Escape to Everywhere. Imagination drives creativity and innovation. It allows us to envision and escape to worlds beyond our own, to times other than the here and now. It turns boxes into racing cars, dining chairs and blankets into pirate forts, and dress-ups into sweeping ball gowns. Imagination is behind every fairy tale and picture book we cherish from our childhoods. 

Aubin Grove’s celebration of Book Week occurs in Week 10, Term 3 and culminates in our Book Week Parade on the last Friday of the term.

This Term, Room 37 have been reading the novel “Flat Stanley”. A young boy, Stanley, is squashed flat by a Bulletin Board. This makes it easy for Stanley to visit anywhere in the world as he can be posted in an envelope! I will be sending out an email and a letter home about an exciting class activity that I encourage you to participate in.

Over the next 2 weeks, we will also be reading a picture book called “I want to be in a book” by Nacelle Oliver. It is about a lizard/dinosaur type creature who wishes he could be in a book. The blurb from the book says “For most of his life, Cecil had waited patiently on a pinboard, dreaming of being in a book. In his imagination, Cecil could be anything, or anywhere. Adventure was calling… and Cecil knew what he had to do.”  

Both of these books have many connections and the characters can go anywhere or be anything.  So for the dress up day on the last day of school the students of Room 37 can “travel” or “Escape to everywhere” and join any book/novel that they think Cecil would like to be apart of. They can dress up as any character from that chosen book. Some other ideas from “I want to be in a book” are the characters that Cecil actually dreams about being in his own imaginary book – these include : clowns, witches/wizards, pirates and fairies/princesses. He also dreams about going to Paris and being in space! 

Hopefully, this makes it less stressful and more fun for both parents and students. You can be as creative as you like! It is important that students know the name of their character and which book they have “Escaped” to and why they chose that book?

If you have any questions please feel free to contact either of us.

Kind regards

Sandy and Jodie

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