Open Night “Kiss and drop”

Hi Parents,

I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine.

A quick reminder that this week is “Kiss and drop” as we have started setting up the classroom for Open Night so we don’t want to ruin the surprise!

However, if you need to chat to myself or Jodie then our door is always open and we can chat to you at the door.

This week I will be sending out more information about our Class Assembly which is the second week of Term 4. Only one week to go! It has been a busy but productive term.

Kind regards

Sandy and Jodie

Open Night

Dear Parents,

As of next week, please could you refrain from entering the classroom in the morning. We will be preparing the classroom for Open Night and we would like you all to be surprised.  If you need to see me, of course, pop in but try not to look around :).  Thank you for your cooperation.

Also, we have our Japanese Incursion tomorrow – Please remember to pay and send in permission slip.

Finally, this Friday students will be able to collect a milo if they walk, ride or scoot to school to celebrate Fume Free Friday.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Kind regards

Sandy and Jodie

1-1 Macbook Information Night

Dear Parents,

A quick reminder that the 1-1 Macbook Program Information Night is on next Thursday 7th September at 6pm at the school.


Sandy and Jodie

Room 37 Assembly – Tuesday 17th October

Dear Parents,

Room 37 will be taking the Junior Assembly on Tuesday of Week 2 in Term 4 (Tuesday 17th October) which is the first assembly of the term. The assembly starts at 1.15pm and we would like to invite all parents or family members to join us for this event.

Ou theme for the assembly is “Water Wise / Save Water”. Closer to the time I will send out more information about the assembly. If possible, can students wear blue jeans/denims or blue pants and either a green or a blue shirt. They will also be preforming a rap so they can bring sunglasses and a cap for their rap performance.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind regards

Sandy and Jodie

Flat Stanley class activity

Dear Parents,

As I mentioned at the beginning of the term and in the Book Week email, we have been reading the novel “Flat Stanley”.  A young boy, Stanley, is squashed flat by a Bulletin Board. This makes it easy for Stanley to visit anywhere in the world as he can be posted in an envelope! 

As a class activity each student will design their own Flat Stanley and take him home for a few weeks. It is up to you, as a parent, if you would like to post Flat Stanley to a friend or relative that does not live in Perth so that they can take Flat Stanley on some adventures in their town or city OR if you would prefer to keep Flat Stanley in WA and take him on some adventures with your family  here in Perth. 

All that I ask is that you please take a photo or 2 of Flat Stanley on his adventure and write a sentence or 2 explaining where he has been.

All Flat Stanley’s will need to be back at school by Monday 16th of October. This means he can join you on holiday or it gives friends or relatives outside of WA enough time to post him back to Perth.

If you choose to send him on a journey outside of WA then I will be sending home a letter that you can include in the envelope to explain what we would like your friend or relative to do.

Once all Flat Stanley’s are back at school then each student will do a quick presentation about where their character has been. I will explain this task to them during school.

I encourage you to please join in and take part in this activity as it will be an enjoyable experience for the class. We will plot the places on a map to see where the Flat Stanley’s have travelled.

I will be sending home their Flat Stanley’s and the letter sometime this week.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

Kind regards


Book week – Week 10, Term 3

Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather.

Below is some information about Aubin Grove’s upcoming Book Week:

Book Week Celebrations – Week 10


This year’s CBCA Book Week theme is Escape to Everywhere. Imagination drives creativity and innovation. It allows us to envision and escape to worlds beyond our own, to times other than the here and now. It turns boxes into racing cars, dining chairs and blankets into pirate forts, and dress-ups into sweeping ball gowns. Imagination is behind every fairy tale and picture book we cherish from our childhoods. 

Aubin Grove’s celebration of Book Week occurs in Week 10, Term 3 and culminates in our Book Week Parade on the last Friday of the term.

This Term, Room 37 have been reading the novel “Flat Stanley”. A young boy, Stanley, is squashed flat by a Bulletin Board. This makes it easy for Stanley to visit anywhere in the world as he can be posted in an envelope! I will be sending out an email and a letter home about an exciting class activity that I encourage you to participate in.

Over the next 2 weeks, we will also be reading a picture book called “I want to be in a book” by Nacelle Oliver. It is about a lizard/dinosaur type creature who wishes he could be in a book. The blurb from the book says “For most of his life, Cecil had waited patiently on a pinboard, dreaming of being in a book. In his imagination, Cecil could be anything, or anywhere. Adventure was calling… and Cecil knew what he had to do.”  

Both of these books have many connections and the characters can go anywhere or be anything.  So for the dress up day on the last day of school the students of Room 37 can “travel” or “Escape to everywhere” and join any book/novel that they think Cecil would like to be apart of. They can dress up as any character from that chosen book. Some other ideas from “I want to be in a book” are the characters that Cecil actually dreams about being in his own imaginary book – these include : clowns, witches/wizards, pirates and fairies/princesses. He also dreams about going to Paris and being in space! 

Hopefully, this makes it less stressful and more fun for both parents and students. You can be as creative as you like! It is important that students know the name of their character and which book they have “Escaped” to and why they chose that book?

If you have any questions please feel free to contact either of us.

Kind regards

Sandy and Jodie

Room 37 Reminders

Hi Parents of Room 37,

Term 3 is a very busy term and these are some reminders of upcoming events and activities:

  • Free-Dress Day – Dress Up As Your Favourite Sporting Team!”

    Friday 25th August (Week 6)

    Gold Coin Donation, payable to your teacher please… Thank you for supporting the Year 6 Big Week Out & Graduation!

  • Incursion
    All year 3 classes will be participating in a fire incursion on the 24th of August, in Week 6 of this term. The fire incursion is designed to provide developmentally appropriate fire safety prevention messages and life-saving tips on how children can respond to a fire emergency in their homes.


  • Book Week is Week 10 of Term 4. I will send home more details about Book Week closer to the time.

This week there were a few notices sent home. There was a note for a Japanese Incursion, a note for the School Disco in week 8, Friday the 8th of September, and a note containing information about how to purchase a MacBook Air for next year has also gone home with students. Please let me know if you require one of these notes because they have not made their way home yet.

Stay warm and have a lovely weekend.

Room 37’s Aubin Grove Cross Country stars!

Well done to our Room 37 running superstars who participated in the Interschool Cross Country today. They all ran their best and we are very proud of them. Congratulations to Daniel who came second and received a medal!


National Science Week 2017

Dear Parents,

On Monday a letter was sent home in the Homework folders about the Aubin Grove Primary School Science Week Competition and the National Science Week 2017.  Tomorrow I will send home a booklet with any students who are interested in entering the Science Week Competition. If you have any queries please feel free to contact me.

Below is a link with all the necessary information.

Participant information and entry form


Group Reading

During our Group reading we have been learning about Non-Fiction books. We played a “Non-Fiction spinning game” to discuss the main ideas and text-to-self connections.